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iPhone : Paul R Wonderful video!! It brought
tears to my eyes. Thank you
so much for sharing, Paul!!
Happy Wednesday and July
to you and your loved ones!
Stay safe & stay blessed!🌹

iPhone : Tenderness and kindness are
not signs of weakness and
despair, but manifestations
of strength and resolutions.

- Khalil Gibran


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iPhone : One who is kind is sympathetic
and gentle with others. He is
considerate of others’ feelings
and courteous in his behavior.
He has a helpful nature.
Kindness pardons others’
weaknesses and faults.
Kindness is extended to the
aged and the young, to animals,
to all.

Ezra T. Benson

iPhone : Do an act of kindness every
day and your soul will be in
constant bloom...

- Anthony D. Williams


iPhone : Wishing everyone a lovely day!

There are so many beautiful
reasons to be happy...

(song written and performed
by 3 year old Huck)

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iPhone : No matter our circumstances,
no matter our challenges or
trials, there is something in
each day to embrace and
cherish. There is something
in each day that can bring
gratitude and joy if only we
will see and appreciate it.

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

iPhone : “The purpose of this glorious
life is not simply to endure it,
but to soar, stumble, and
flourish as you learn to fall
in love with existence. We
were born to live, my dear,
not to merely exist.”

- Becca Lee

iPhone : Butterflies are self propelled

- Robert Heinlein

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iPhone : “Be soft. Do not let the world
make you hard. Do not let
pain make you hate. Do not
let the bitterness steal your
sweetness. Take pride that
even though the rest of the
world may disagree, you still
believe it to be a beautiful

- Kurt Vonnegut

iPhone : We are born of love;
love is our mother...

- Rumi

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iPhone : For beautiful eyes, look for the
good in others; for beautiful
lips, speak only words of
kindness; and for poise, walk
with the knowledge that you
are never alone.

- Audrey Hepburn