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Twitter Web App : Nanny’s boy is beneath contempt. He couldn’t wait to fly to Balmoral last year to get Royal assent to close Parliament on Johnson’s orders. Now he wants to open the place in the middle of a pandemic.…

Android : Often depressed by UK news these days but this is just excellent news, absolutely the right thing to do. 👍🇬🇧…

Twitter Web App : Binadamu anaumbwa,anapewa ukamilifu kupitia matatizo mbalimbali anayopitia,Baada ya kupitia matatizo hayo ALLAH anampa ujasiri wa kukabiliana na mambo mbalimbali .ALKA.Tumemuumba wenyewe tunashindwa kumshusha.

iPhone : Ich hoffe, dass die friedlichen Proteste Wirkung zeigen. Ich hoffe, dass die Politik die strukturellen Probleme endlich angreift. Die Demokraten werden gebraucht. Im Congress, vor allem im Senat, im Weißen Haus. Trump muss weg, bevor er das Land vollkommen zerstört.

iPhone : Not surprised, but really struck how #ASEAN has dropped out of Australia’s foreign policy narrative like a stone. I know there’s other things happening, and I’m just reading twixt the lines, but seems like a significant post-pandemic adjustment.

Android : The European Union has backed #Twitter in its fight with the US president.

This is not about censorship. This is about flagging verifiably false or misleading information that may cause public harm says VP Věra Jourová.…

Twitter Web App : NEW: we’re pleased to announce all of our excess deaths data is now public, in CSV format…

• Data for 24 countries and counting
• Down to regions/cities in many cases
• Includes numbers for Italy through to end of April

iPhone : Rees-Mogg’s bizarre airport style queue system around parliamentary estate for voting later - when MPs could vote perfectly well by clicking a button on our computers. (We’ve done it before and it works fine)

Android : Je ne suis pas content du Brexit. Mais à la #BBC je dis, franchement, que c’est aussi grâce à la fin des vétos 🇬🇧 que l’UE a pu lancer le plus grand plan de relance centré sur un pilier social et un pilier économique. ⁦Jacques Delors Institute⁩ #SocialEU…

Twitter Web App : Morning Andrew Neil @FraserNelso The Spectator Youll know that every time we tweet, we use a tiny bit of the worlds resources. So, to help save the planet and stop me asking every day, can you say if you will ever say anything about whether you knew Mary Wakefield lied in her piece?xx