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Twitter Web App : The government locked down the whole country in March because it needed to 'buy time for the NHS'. That was what we were told. 'Flatten the curve and prevent the NHS being overwhelmed.'

Now it has all become about suppression of the virus. Blatant mission creep.

iPhone : I ask the question because I’m coming to the end of the latest Bond novel and realised I’d been picturing Connery all the way through.

Twitter Web App : More so now than for many years are people defined by their skin colour. That is tragic. And what is just as tragic is that it is the Left, with its obsession with identity politics, which has helped to bring this state of affairs about.

Twitter Web App : Blocking a fire exit is incredibly dangerous - and it's illegal.

This has now been fixed, but serious questions remain about how the decision was made to tie up this route to safety.

There are no two ways about it: blocking, locking and tampering with fire exits kills people.…

Twitter Web App : Now 500 followers. Welcome all! Our aim is to hold the feet of the FBU leadership to the fire by close scrutiny of their decisions, and to halt the drift towards authoritarianism and erosion of democracy, accountability and transparency in our union. #ThingsMustChange

iPhone : “The powers that the government has given itself should be a crucial issue not just for Tory rebels or rightwing contrarians... The Left needs urgently to rediscover its old passion for liberty.”

Well said, ⁦Kenan Malik⁩.…

iPhone : Thoughtful comments in here from our director John Denham on Labour's historic relationship with patriotism.

Labour's major victories have come when we have connected our patriotism with a positive story about the society we can be.…

iPhone : I’m not too bothered about this. If millionaires want to give money to Labour in return for a bit of nosebag and glass of Prosecco with party bigwigs, let them do it. The use of ‘invite-only’ instead of the correct ‘invitation-only’ is unforgivable, mind.…

Twitter Web App : Dave Waterman I feel your pain. My book would have been over a thousand pages long if the publisher had let me get away with it!

Twitter Web App : When scientists such as this chap claim that only people who share his political outlook are knowledgeable, expertly, reasonable, kind and lovely (for that is what he is doing, even if he denies it), we should all be perturbed. It can lead to dark places.…

Twitter Web App : Todays update on #CovidUK new cases per 1000 people tested, using the data from (relevant data is up to 23 Sept). This is the one key graph plot that is never shown. Still waiting for evidence of exponential increase…

iPhone : Aaron Bastani I know it is. But it’s the first poll since Starmer’s speech, and it cannot be decoupled from the themes he set out in that speech. Be positive, Aaron: there is still a mountain to climb, but Labour’s prospects are improving.

iPhone : Turns out that concentrating on themes such as family, patriotism and security is electorally popular. Who knew?…