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Twitter Web App : jane fonda is exactly the kind of activist white people should look to. shes been arrested multiple times at different rallies and protests, and continues to push the agenda and always has. im not praising her for doing the right thing, but some of you should take notes.

Twitter Web App : Remember in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex was starting to eat the car with the 2 kids in it - and the lawyer jumped out of the car and ran into the shitter, while the little girl yells "Where are you GOING!!!"?

That's Donald Trump in a nutshell.


Twitter Web App : How would they get in the bunker to do it? Is his whole family there?…

Twitter Web App : Asking Donald Trump to stop talking is like asking someone with explosive diarrhea to stop shitting.…

Twitter Web App : The president and his family have been shaken by the size and venom of the crowds.

Trump has told advisers he worries about his safety, while both privately and publicly praising the work of the Secret Service.…

Twitter Web App : SECRET SERVICE: Mr President, protestors have broken the perimeter in front of the White House - and the Republican Senators want you to go out and speak to try and calm them down.

DONALD TRUMP: OK, tell them Ill be right out...


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Twitter Web App : Jane Fonda has been protesting with people for her entire life. She’s someone who knows what it takes and she’s still out here, black panther style. Damn, she’s fucking inspiring.

Twitter Web App : Don Lemon done shamed these celebrities in speaking out

Saturday night he said folks like Jane Fonda were silent

Guess who is on his show tonight

This new Don Lemon is doing the Lord's work..

Twitter Web App : This weekend, Donald Trump hid in his bunker while he urged police to beat up protestors.

Next weekend, Trump is scheduled to be golfing at his fancy club.

Run and hide, you coward.