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Android : Every Dem mayor right now is like "we thank you for your peaceful protests, we've heard you, we are doing nothing to fix any of these problems, your curfew is 2 minutes from now and I've given the cops brand new aerodynamic beating sticks"

Android : These are the rantings of an insecure man trying to look strong, after building his entire political career on racism and the lie of birtherism. He is β€” again β€” failing to address the underlying injustices facing black Americans.

It is not leadership.…

Android : This makes my stomach churn. Absolutely unacceptable. Just shared this at the dinner table with my father (former officer) and sister (current officer). Everybody totally stunned and sickened. This divisive act of aggression is remarkably disheartening.…

Android : A major milestone: Washington State Department of Health reported zero new coronavirus deaths on Sunday.

The number of cases has risen by 353 to 21,702.…

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Android : Here's what I saw today in Seattle: police began firing flashbangs at crowd of protesters, antagonizing a peaceful rally right as it was getting started. This was before any looting. Media and Durkan make it sound like protester violence began first. It didn't.

Android : I gotta be honest the worst looting I've ever seen take place happened a few weeks ago when corporations collected over 500 billion dollars in stimulus money while everyone else was left with a $1200 dollar check and having to decide if they pay for food or rent..

Android : They are actually protesting in BERLIN GERMANY… Our Police behavior has become a Global embarrassment.. wow.…

Android : People in downtown #Seattle this morning, trying to help put their city back together. ❀️

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