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iPhone : “Spatial computing.” Yuck. Yes, augmented and mixed reality use cases where location *matters* are different to those where it doesn’t. But still yuck.

Twitter Web Client : Coronavirus concerns lead companies to repurpose sensors that monitor office space, but privacy experts worry about mission creep… via The Wall Street Journal <- most of these tools report breaches of social distancing retrospectively. How useful is that, really?

Twitter Web App : O'Leary says Ryanair processes 10,000 refunds in a normal month. 50,000,000 refunds required for March, April, and May, but workforce reduced by 75% to meet social distancing rules... Vouchers 'easier' to safely and securely process online than cash refunds. #FTGlobalBoardroom

Twitter Web App : Flight prices will be relatively low until summer 2021. The problem is in non-science based measures imposed by Govts such as a 14-day quarantine after a flight. Ryanair has to compete with illegal state aid, e.g. in Sweden, France, Germany, the UK #FTGlobalBoardroom

Twitter Web App : Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary has a few talking points that he's going to hammer home, regardless of the question. But there are some great points in there too... #FTGlobalBoardroom

Twitter Web App : #FTGlobalBoardroom question - "British firms have been planning for supply chain disruptions due to Brexit since 2016. Do you think that left them better prepared for pandemic disruptions?" McLaren automotive CEO Mike Flewitt says the planning/thinking for flexibility did help.

Twitter Web Client : Looks like a great programme for the @financialtimes Digital Dialogues event over the next few days - dipping in during gaps in my calendar. Up next? Andrew Hill et al, looking at manufacturing and supply chain... #FTGlobalBoardroom

iPhone : Wondering if anyone with any presentation or explanation skills was in any way involved in PM’s messy message just now? Don’t necessarily disagree with the measures but hated the confusing ‘explanation.’

Twitter Web App : Every webinar/ web call needs this... And a laser that can zap non-compliant participants in the call through their webcam!

Twitter for iPad : Basketball tech used to fight Covid-19 on factory floor… via @financialtimes

Twitter for iPad : “There’s no way [3D printing face shields] is more cost- or labour-efficient than a giant factory, but when all the giant factories are in China and China needs all the face shields domestically, it exposes the gap in [local capacity]” via The Economist…

Twitter Web Client : Smart Manufacturing Requires A Range Of Technologies To Succeed via @Forrester <- me, talking about Forrester's new Tech Tide for Smart Manufacturing... and advertising a deep-dive webinar for clients on 20 May. Join us?