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Android : When doing a crossword as a couple it’s helpful to have one person who grew up Evangelical and one person who is old

Android : In that case, I should probably be offering co-authorship to the local coffee roastery. My guess is that they contribute well more than 5% to the end result of anything I write

Android : Gavin Buckingham These are Audio Technica ADX 700x, they are open on the back instead of closed, so they don't seal out the sound completely, but they also allow for natural airflow. they sound great but more importantly don't create pressure in your ears when you're listening and talking

Android : They are absurdly big even on my big head, like wearing two black bagels on each ear, or Leia hair buns. Great sound, though and lets be honest, at my age I dont care how stupid I look, I just want things to sound decent and not have a headache during recording or meetings

Android : josh s. It's clear to me that Mayor Pete has been selected implicitly or explicitly by the party to be the standard bearer for the 2024 election. He was the first to drop out and endorse Joe Biden in the first place. And recently, he's all over the media

Android : josh s. This is an unbelievably sad state of affairs in my opinion. The Democratic field was varied and exciting, and we settled on Joe Biden who again, I like, and I'm mostly a centrist so I can get the appeal. But electing someone who has no viability of a second term seems unwise

Android : josh s. Joe Biden does seem nice, but one of my biggest concerns is frankly his age, makes it impossible for him to be anything more than a lame duck... That doesn't automatically advance harris...

Android : josh s. I don't know, each one of them had strong support but also equally strong detractors. Biden's appeal seems to be that he's very nice, and comfortable, and unobjectionable...

Android : Kurt Andersen Yeah this belief goes back to Salem. I remember the satanic panic of 1970s & 80s when people worried about D&D, Judas Priest, playing records backwards, and recovered memory controversies of the 1980s. This is just the modern version. I enjoyed Fantasyland, btw. Insightful!

Android : On the deadly consequences of reopening universities to provide a “college experience”:

“a wildfire of infection that first appeared predominantly in the student-age population, spread throughout the community and ultimately ravaged elderly residents”…

Android : Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen, Eyes as Big as Plates photographic series based on Nordic folklore, humanity and nature #womensart

Android : Such sad news that Kieth Jarrett's strokes mean that he cannot play piano and will never perform again. I've never seen a Jarett concert, but I love his music and piano playing so much. His improvisational work is unique, genius.…

Android : US CDC identified the risk inherent in hockey recently when there were out real associated with all levels, from beer leagues to semi-pro. Spread has been happening in a big way in Ottawa recently too:…