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Twitter Web App : #pickforbritain has charles had a word with his brother andrew, hes a loose end maybe chuckie could start with his workshy family before having go at anyone else.

Twitter Web App : U.S. FDA I have a “friend” whose doctor prescribed hydorxychloroquine for covid prevention can you advise on side effects and if any risk of suddenly stopping, also is my friends physician allowed to do this?

Twitter Web App : The Times The usual mea culpa from a naughty school boy after getting caught red handed, sob sob and the plebs will let me off. This was a carefully plan trip through several countries and Last time i looked New Zealand has other properties he could have rented.

Twitter Web App : Have I Got News For You Since leaving hospital has anyone had a close look at the Pm, are we sure a doppelgänger hasnt replaced him, then got cold feet. Cummings i fear as i write running around looking for another stand in.

Twitter Web App : Piers Morgan Will they be reducing fees to reflect this? I bet that news brings tears to the eyes of student let and private landlords in Cambridge they are well and truly screwed but i can live with that

Twitter Web App : The Guardian Does anyone else out there have a feeling he actually tested positive but isnt telling anyone. I wonder if he tried bleach first before trying this.

Twitter Web App : The Guardian Dr trump out trumps dr conley or should i say ex dr conley. If i were him i would be keeping an eye out for letter from his medical association asking him for clinical reasoning before they kick him out

Twitter Web App : The Independent From the man who has never had to graft, why are royals, celebs and rich reading the room so badly during this crisis. I havent seen him offer up any of his Duchy millions to those people struggling at the moment

Twitter Web App : The Guardian 170m dividend payout ✅ government bailout of 500m ✅ 9m customer details leaked ✅ lets hope they done use bail out funds to pay any fine but wouldn’t put it past them

Twitter Web App : SkyNews Can we ask him about Hs2 we are in deep deep trouble what is his reasoning to keep going with it, can nhs/police etc deal with cuts if 100+bn being diverted to hs2

Twitter Web App : BBC News (UK) Why the hell is the bbc continuing to run this pile of crap, beeb try and read the room as this article is so so wrong. No wonder people are giving up on the beeb

Twitter Web App : The Telegraph Oh i hadnt realised this was Hello magazine and last time i look they left the country and the nation meanwhile us dealing with covid, the last thing on my mind are the royals.

Twitter Web App : The Guardian If as the press secretary says dr has to prescribe as its not approved by Fda does this impact on his professional practise.i love how she contiued he should be taken by his word, yeah as we know he never ever fibs unless the day has a y in it. Heaven help us

Twitter Web App : Piers Morgan Boris Johnson #StayAlert Its somewhat worrying in times of national crisis our leader has disappeared. Has he had further covid related illness or is he grappling with some problem unknown to general public but as this government is reluctant to be honest with us no one knows

Twitter Web App : #WheresBoris still no sign of boris at daily briefing, is he unwell again? On a holiday? This government could not spell leadership if they tried.

Twitter Web App : Piers Morgan Cannot believe we loosened lockdown when still seeing 2-3000+ positive cases daily and as expected a huge increase in deaths after weekend. Italy waited til figures much lower. On top cannot believe there is a bar open in Nottingham! What are we doing!!