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George Gantsoudes #BLM

Bio Nicknamed *The Boss of Bones* by a 7 yo patient. Come for occasional ortho opinions. Stay for far-left political opinions. I made this:
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iPhone : uché blackstock, md Not enough children are tested right now. I’ve cancelled ~8% elective surgeries due to asymptomatic COVID positive tests over the last 3 months, which puts my very small random sample at odds with our local positivity rate of ~5%. Kids as silent vectors could be catastrophic.

iPhone : Michelle Prickett He touts a single retrospective study out of Henry Ford and states that even though other prospective studies failed to show a benefit, he says he knows a guy who got better. And he has an academic appointment at Vanderbilt

iPhone : It‘s embarrassing to want to be a senator so badly that an academic orthopaedic surgeon would promote the value of 1 retrospective HCQ study and slam Fauci, simply because that’s what the rabid base wants.

26 years of education and integrity are no match for Fox News, I guess.…

iPhone : Widely-praised interviewers of Trump have one quality in common. It’s not necessarily persistence. They act like they would for other interviews. They act as if he means what he says, and are surprised that someone could say such things.

iPhone : I won’t watch the new George Floyd tapes for the same reason I won’t go to the Holocaust Museum. I know the story. I know how it ends. I know the cruelty and boundless suffering.

Their purpose lies in telling the stories for those who lack the understanding of our inhumanity.

iPhone : See, they say this as a joke...but we literally said, “We’re going to the library” when we went to the gym during residency.…

iPhone : I have really bad news. This guy is in charge of everything.

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iPhone : Lots of amazing stuff here. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people learning things for the first time. That Lee Atwater quote is, when you first hear it, shocking. Speaking of Atwater, two of his best friends/colleagues helped run Trump 2016: Stone and Manafort.…

iPhone : Whenever a patient’s case isn’t making sense or there is discordance between diagnostics and symptoms/exam, go repeat the history and physical. It will likely bring clarity and/or reassurance.