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Twitter Web App : Hey Daryl Morey - sorry if this has been addressed already, but with the big delay is there any chance Gerald could come back this year? Would love to see him back where he belongs.

Twitter Web App : 🀘🏽🀘🏽🀘🏽🀘🏽🀘🏽🀘🏽 Vernon Maxwell the trillest…

Twitter Web App : Anyone that's a fan of or associated with the NBA and following the HK news today needs to make sure and apologize to Daryl Morey before getting on their high horses and making a statement.

Twitter Web App : RIP Jerry Sloan. My hate for your teams was born from respect for your work. Best wishes to the family.

Android : OK, we all know this situation sucks, but I have to imagine KevinSmith is getting a little bit of pleasure in the exponential rise of "I assure you we're open" signs from all over the world.

Twitter Web App : Hammond Egg MD PhD ADHD Bloomberg And no US company has ever fudged their books either, right? But go ahead, keep listening to Larry "we have the virus contained airtight" Kudlow. Or was it Larry "the 2008 economy is just great" Kudlow? I keep getting them mixed up.

Twitter Web App : Bloomberg Is that Larry "we have the virus contained airtight" Kudlow or Larry "the 2008 economy is great and there's no recession coming" Kudlow? I keep getting them confused.

Android : For the record- nothing would make me happier than being dead wrong and their vaccine is 100% effective and reliable. But this don't smell right.

Android : So if I understand correctly, $MRNA has never brought a product to market. Trump's new guy 'happens' to own a grip. Moderna then beats the rest of the pharma world to the C19 vax punch. Now Trump's guy will divest, after it bounced. I miss anything?

Short this shit

Twitter Web App : Do this if you know what's good for you. The chicken queen has spoken.…