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Android : Allaah Ya raba mu da Talauci

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Friday Khutbah Arabic & Hausa

Tare da: Uztaz Abu Jabir Abdullah Penabdul

Hakuri shine maganin jarrabawar Rayuwa

Ayi sauraro lafiya

Android : Topic: KHADEEJA (radhiyallaahu anha) - The Example of a Musilm Woman, Wife, Mother, Friend, Confidant & Close Companion.

Time: Jul 5, 2020 09:00pm Africa/Lagos - WAT (UTC +1)

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Android : The impeccable character: Do we want Allaah to conceal our faults and shortcomings or we want them exposed? It all depends on us

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Android : Malam Isa Ali Pantami, PhD is not perfect but please kindly avoid spreading and concluding on unverified news that affect his honor and personality. If you can't pray for those that have been tested with power and authority then don't plunge them further into the pit of trial.

Android : Brothers and sisters, if a person made a mistake, it is not good that his sin be told to everyone and he be made a spectacle. When a person is happy with such events, it is a sign that his faith has a shortcoming.

Android : "I came across another people who had (known) shortcomings but they refrained from speaking about hre shortcomings of the people. Therefore, because of that, their shortcomings wwere forgotten." Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali quoted this in Jaami...

Android : One of the early scholars said: "I came across a people who had no (known) shortcomings. However, they would mention the shortcomings of the people and so then the people mentioned the shortcomings they had......

Android : Whoever searches for their private matters will have Allaah follow up his private matters. And whose private matters Allaah follows, He will expose him even (if his act were done) in his house. " Musnad of Ahmad declared Sahih by al-Albani in Sahih al-Jaami

Android : Again, the Prophet SAW saod: "O gathering who believe with their tongues but faith has yet not entered I to their hearts, do not backbite the Muslims. And do not search for their private matters.......

Android : And whoever uncovers his brother Muslim's private affairs will have Allaah uncover his private affairs, to the point that He will expose what occurred in his house." This hadith has corroborative evidences hence it has been declared Sahih by al-Hilali (Eeqaadh) & al-Albani

Android : The Prophet SAW has emphasized much on this impeccable teaching of concealing the faults of others. For example in the Sunan of ibn Majah he was reported to have said:

Android : None of us is without a fault, hence we should not be at the forefront of disclosing to the public the faults of others with the intention of humiliating them.

Android : The Prophet SAW said: "Whoever conceals (the faults of) a Muslim, Allaah will conceal (his faults) in this life and the Hereafter." Narrated by Muslim.

Android : It is part of being a good Muslim to step in when the honor of your brother is put under disrepute especially if it involves what cannot be proven or has not been proven yet.

Android : As Muslims, we pride ourselves with the impeccable teachings of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad peace be upon him. We ought to strive our utmost to reflect his teachings in our lives that we become a personification of excellent character, molded by spitual essence.