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iPhone : Tom Langdon ™️ Dr Dan I agree Tom. Coming off a plan and finding stuff you want to do and ‘never have time for’ is what’s on at the moment. Keep active but ask yourself - what do I really want to do today. If that’s Netflix and chill then it’s Netflix and chill.

iPhone : Helen 🧚‍♂️💕🎅🎄☃️ Active warm up - high knees drills, bum kicks, sidesteps etc. I find in winter I need to out an extra 10 mins to warm up and then do my stretches afterwards in the warmth of the house. No real answer for number 2’s but it happens to most of us🤣🤣🤣. Always take loo paper in case

iPhone : Brrr. Its going to be a cold one tonight. Pls check in on vulnerable neighbours & relatives (from a safe distance) and keep your home warm. Find out how to get help w/ heating costs nhs.uk/live-well/heal…

iPhone : Tom Langdon ™️ And sometimes, it has to be okay to not do anything as well. Motivation to move is not a linear progression. It ebbs and flows like the rest of your life. We are not robots. We are not designed to do things on a consistently progressive plan. We try to make ourselves like that

iPhone : Tom Langdon ™️ couldn’t agree more. Everyone has their own relationship with keeping active. I love being outside but am I training now? Nope! Nothing to train for. Am I keeping active? Absolutely! It’s essentially for my health. Mental and physical. I found new things to do. Learned new sports

iPhone : So I’ve been indulging my own interests all week. Who has important stuff that wanna talk about? Any questions about fitness that you want to ask?