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Twitter Web App : Furlough ending and jobs going. Testing crocked and infections rising. Prospects of EU trade deal fading. Are there reasons to be cheerful? On #peston, I'll ask vaccines expert, Richard Hatchett, minister Robert Jenrick and Len McCluskey. ITV at 10.45 & Twitter Peston at 9

iPhone : Quite important that although Boris Johnson has merged Foreign Office and the Department for International Development, he promises Liaison Cttee he won’t block MPs if they want to retain a separate International Development Cttee in Commons. See attached

Twitter Web App : ring the DFE's helpline. It will be quite a test for DFE's resources and competence

Twitter Web App : .Gavin Williamson's Department for Education has written to schools saying it will now advise them on what to do if a teacher or pupil is diagnosed with #Covid_19, to lessen the burden on Public Health England's local health protection teams. Head teachers are being told to...

iPhone : Even with defective testing system, there’s been a further 30% rise in confirmed daily #Covid_19 cases, to nudging 4000

Twitter Web App : Tory party unity, but would change nothing else of substance to the UK

Twitter Web App : So it should not deter the resignation of any law officer, who feels conflicted to be on the payroll of a PM who is breaching the law in a "limited and specific way". And it won't remotely pacify the EU. The PM's compromise with Tory MPs may foster an outbreak of apparent...

Twitter Web App : If internal market bill breaches the UK's international law obligations, it makes not a fig or jot of difference whether the provisions to over-ride the Withdrawal Agreement are triggered by the PM and executive, as per current draft, or by MPs' vote, as in proposed new one...

Twitter Web App : Small bit of comedy in Liaison Committee. Hilary Benn asks Boris Johnson if the advocate general is still in post. "Conversations on that matter are still continuing" says PM, with wry smile.

Twitter Web App : That was quite something. Boris Johnson seemed to say that if EU levies WTO tariffs on UK goods, UK would retaliate by doing the same. Which from memory is contrary to official government policy. We seem to be entering Trumpian trade war territory with the EU

Twitter Web App : "We are going to do everything in our power to prevent a second national lockdown" says Boris Johnson. Which is not the same as saying there won't be one

iPhone : - probably using GPs as I said yesterday - to eliminate the asymptomatic. But this is a sub-optimal compromise. Because it means some infection will be missed, and there will be increased delays in identifying areas of viral surge. So the goal of controlling the virus only...