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Bio Afghanistan veteran, South Bend’s former Mayor Pete, husband, Democrat. Boot-Edge-Edge. (he/him)
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Twitter for iPad : My Republican colleagues can boo me on the House Floor, but I will never back down when it comes to standing up for working people! Im demanding a plan to protect service workers. Period.

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Twitter for iPad : The removal of restrictions does not equal freedom—especially when freedom from disease is at stake.…

Twitter Web App : There's no continuing as before. We have both the good and bad fortune of living (and voting) in a moment that will define what the rest of this century looks like. It's up to each of us how we'll help make the outcome a good one.

Twitter for iPad : The law is clear: Americans have a right to accessible health care under the ACA.

I will not let President Trump undermine that right. Especially during a health pandemic.

Twitter Web App : We must replace this president—but we must not treat the presidency like the only office that matters. In November, we need to elect leaders at every level who are looking toward the future.

Get to know the first round of #WinTheEra endorsed candidates:

Twitter Web App : Trump's failure to lead before, during, and since a crucial 70-day period from January into March, weakened America's ability to confront the new threat.

Here's how it happened.…

Twitter Web App : Nice to be reminded what it was like to have a president who is reassuring, uplifting, and straightforward. #ThanksObama…

Twitter Web App : Inspectors General exist to protect taxpayer dollars and hold public officials accountable for abuses of power. An administration free of wrongdoing and corruption has nothing to fear from them.

We cannot stand by while this administration serially removes IGs.…

Twitter for iPad : They’re trying to dismantle the United States Postal Service and privatize it. We must fight with every breath we have to make sure USPS workers are protected and everyone has access to reliable, affordable mail service. Congress must take immediate action to protect the USPS.

Twitter Web App : There is a tremendous opportunity—and need—for expanded voluntary civilian national service as we confront this pandemic and prepare for the future.

Call your Senators now and ask them to back this historic, bipartisan effort: 202-224-3121…

Twitter for iPad : Not everyone is trapped by partisanship when responding to this pandemic. Here in Indiana, Jennifer McCormick is standing up to Secretary DeVos by insisting public dollars go where the need is greatest, as the law intended.…

Twitter for iPad : We didn’t shut everything down just because. We did it to buy time for a plan to save lives, so that by now we could be beating the pandemic by working the plan. But #TrumpHasNoPlan.

That’s why so many lives depend on defeating him and electing Joe Biden in November.

Twitter for iPad : I am honored to have earned the endorsement of @petebuttigieg.

He understands that now more than ever, we need leaders who will unite our communities and fight for change - together, we will make a difference.

Twitter for iPad : Im honored to have Pete Buttigiegs support! Having also served under DADT, we know the importance of electing leaders with the courage to treat all Americans equally under the law — from the workplace to the ballot box.

Chip in to flip #TX23:…

Twitter Web App : In addition to do everything in my power to elect Joe Biden -- I'm looking forward to campaigning for bold leaders up and down the ticket who are ready to meet the urgency of this moment.…

Twitter for iPad : This is a big deal. A more sustainable and prosperous future is absolutely within our grasp, but it won’t just happen on its own. Now, with all of us forced to re-evaluate everything in our economy, comes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get this right for the coming era.…