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Twitter Web App : As long as the UK allows fur to be sold here, we are complicit in this appalling suffering. Stephen Metcalfe will you sign the EDM #267 for a fur sales ban, and send a message that we won’t trade in this cruelty? #FurFreeBritain…

iPhone : Thank you Peter Egan for narrating our new #FurFreeBritain video. HSI is exposing fur cruelty & putting our campaign for a UK fur sales ban high on the media & political agenda. PLEASE SIGN & SHARE our petition. When we stop buying, they stop dying.

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iPhone : Something tells me that Donald J. Trump isnt going to be happy that all the major outlets carried Joe Bidens speech live today. 😂😂

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iPhone : I tweeps just wanted to share my thoughts on this with you all : ⁦HSI United Kingdom) 's Twitter Profile">HSI United Kingdom⁩ ⁦Daily Mirror⁩ ⁦Ricky Gervais⁩ ⁦Rick Wakeman⁩ ⁦Marc Abraham⁩ ⁦Dr. Brian May⁩ ⁦Deborah Meaden⁩ #FurFreeBritain ⁦HSI United Kingdom) 's Twitter Profile">HSI United Kingdom⁩

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Twitter Web App : Excellent overview here please watch and affects us all.…

Twitter Web App : This is beautiful, peaceful and inspiring : STRANDBEEST EVOLUTION 2017 via YouTube

iPhone : Animals like raccoon dogs, rabbits and foxes suffer in the name of frivolous fur fashion. Please help make a fur free Britain and join me in signing up below to ask the UK government to ban the sale of cruel animal fur today 👇🏻 #FurFreeBritain HSI United Kingdom

iPhone : LimbeWildlifeCentre Hello there wonderful people of your incredible rescue centre. I donate, and I’m bribing my followers to do the same. If you would like to add to the thread that would be great. Thanks for all of your work. Anything I can do just ask. Sam……

iPhone : Peter Egan BREAKING! New investigation reveals the EXTREME cruelty live animals endure as theyre shipped around the world to be killed for leather.

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Twitter Web App : HSI United Kingdom) 's Twitter Profile">HSI United Kingdom Today the Daily Mirror is calling for an immediate ban on the sale of fur products in the UK.
Joining forces with @hsiukorg, we also want an end to animals being trapped for their skins here, and repercussions for businesses knowingly passing off real fur as fake. #FurFreeBritain