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Twitter Web App : Kamala Harris As a First Nations aboriginal woman, I have a kindred spirit with my Native American brothers and sisters-we know about oppression, hatred, and racism. I stand with you from Canada. Joe Biden you must appoint KH as your AG. Period. Aho! #BlackLivesMatter  #GeorgeFloydMurder 😡🇨🇦

Twitter Web App : Absolutely horrifying. Now more than ever, we need the cameras on and we need honest reporting of what’s happening. This officer must face swift accountability.

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Twitter Web App : Crazy stuff going on in DC

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Twitter Web App : Actually now is the moment for Roger Goodell to step to a microphone and offer a full and complete apology to Mr. Kaepernick. To announce his commitment to supporting Mr. Kaepernick ‘s charities. And to signing Mr. Kaepernick to an NFL team.…

Twitter Web App : I was at the Beverly Hills protest. Everyone was peaceful and kind. Shop owners cheered us on and motorists honked in support and raised their fists in solidarity. Aside from a little graffiti, there was no vandalism. Then the cops came and attacked people to start a fight. Why?

Twitter Web App : One of the best, smartest, impromptu speeches I have ever heard. Amazing leadership.

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Twitter Web App : Ben Pope I get the rage thing, but this is not acceptable. How does looting honor the memory of George Floyd? MLK did not approve of looting. Organize, demand change from your elected representatives, protest peacefully, and vote! That is the way to go!

Twitter Web App : We are one nation. One nation in need of justice and healing.

I don’t expect this “president” to understand that.

But I do expect him to stop stoking the fires of racism and constrain his apparent zeal for bloodshed.

And if cannot, he can do the nation a service, and shut up.


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Twitter Web App : Minnesota public safety commissioner says white nationalists are organizing and coming to the state for violence and destruction. In other words, white supremacists are following Trumps lead.

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Twitter Web App : Straight out of the totalitarian playbook. Without evidence, serving your political agenda, declare your enemies criminal, and turn the power of the federal government against them. Bill Barr's Department of Injustice gets more dangerous by the day.…

Twitter Web App : This officer got separated from his squad, and group of black men created a wall to protect him.

Ask yourself, why cant we receive the same treatment. We love America, but it appears America doesnt love us back.


Twitter Web App : Bill Barr slammed by ex-FBI official for ignoring the right-wing ‘Boogaloo Bois’ infiltrating protests