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iPhone : Andrew Bailey will be a superb successor to Mark. He takes the reigns at the Bank of England at an extremely challenging time for the UK economy, but I have full confidence in his ability to provide the necessary leadership through this current crisis and beyond.

iPhone : Mark Carney has been an excellent Bank of England Governor. His stewardship of monetary policy has helped to steer our economy through considerable uncertainty, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his commitment to the job and to public service.…

iPhone : The Government has made the right call on HS2 - the only one consistent with its stated ambition for the North & Midlands.
When the railways were built in C19th, critics dismissed them as a 'fad'. But they transformed Britain's economic geography then - and HS2 can do so again.

iPhone : A great result for Boris Johnson and for the Conservative party. The Prime Minister now has the moral and political authority to do what’s right for Britain: to deliver a Brexit that guarantees a close economic partnership with the EU, and protects British jobs and businesses.

iPhone : It is with great sadness that I am today announcing my decision to stand down as Member of Parliament for Runnymede & Weybridge at the forthcoming General Election.
My letter to the constituents I have served for 22 years:

iPhone : Parliament showed last week it wanted to get on with the Bill – it’s the government that hasn’t allowed us to do so. So stop the self-indulgent focus on elections on both sides and concentrate on passing the Bill. If we’d done that last week, we could have finished it by now.…

iPhone : I believe in delivering Brexit.

But I also believe in Parliamentary scrutiny.

That’s why I voted for the Brexit bill to progress to the next stage, but against No10’s plan to rush it through at breakneck speed.

Now’s the time for cool heads, to calmly consider the Bill.

iPhone : 2) If an extension is entered into, and then a deal is ratified during that extension, the extension can be terminated early. This is a flexible Act that provides the PM with the time and space to negotiate a smooth exit.

iPhone : Two points of clarity on the Benn Act:

1) The Act does not ‘surrender’ any power to Brussels. Parliament passed the law that stipulates 31/01/20 as the extension date, and Parliament retains a full veto over any alternative offer. Parliament is sovereign.

iPhone : A committed and hard working MP, a moderate One Nation conservative, and someone who voted for a Brexit deal that would have seen us leave on March 29th. It’s sad and perplexing when good people like Antoinette are forced out.…

iPhone : Zac - I voted for a Brexit deal three times in the Commons. You did not.
What’s really ‘a disgrace’ is colleagues who claimed to want to honour the referendum, but voted down a deal that would have seen us leave on 29th March.…

iPhone : The Mail on Sunday is wrong - there is no plot.
If Parliament approves a deal that has been agreed with the EU, the Benn Act does not apply. But parliament will need to see the full detail of a deal, not just a headline, before it will approve anything.