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Bio They starved my childs school and THEN wanted to grade it. Not in my name you dont. One more voice in the fight against privatization.
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Twitter Web App : It seems when you do your best to tell the truth of what is happening in a non-partisan way (see Davos #GreatReset) you end up with a really eclectic group of followers. I suppose that's a good thing, right?

Twitter Web App : All eyes should be on Tulsa, a canary in the coal mine. Excellent discussion on how the Great Reset is playing out in a town run on oil, finance, and now cyber-security. @argusfest…

Twitter Web App : Are you doing ESG investing for impact? Then consider how that impact data is gathered. Is it via IoT sensors? Is it stored / processed by a server farm? Are you accessing it on a device? Global finance wants to trick well-meaning people into killing the planet to save it.

Twitter Web App : Series of Unfortunate PhDvents Saw your comment. My reply. How much more clearly do I have to say it? No state or corporate interest should be allowed to force anyone into a medical procedure against their will or impose upon them a digital ID.…

Twitter Web App : If youre a scientist and you believe imposed population-level bioengineering with full liability waivers granted to the companies developing these injections is ok, your parents didnt raise you right.