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Bio They starved my childs school and THEN wanted to grade it. Not in my name you dont. One more voice in the fight against privatization.
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iPhone : Anybody whos seen a mask under a microscope, and understands how incredibly small a virus supposedly is, will collapse under the force of their own laughter at the ridiculous notion that a crude face covering will somehow stop the spread of ANYTHING microscopic.

Twitter for iPad : I sit and look at the shelves—the spines of hundreds of books—and I see trails followed, ambitions unmet, moments of coming to myself, a few further possibilities and I decide Ill just stay in this chair today.

iPhone :…
After careful consideration I’ve joined Prof Wodarg in calling on EMA not to approve this development stage vaccine, for several reasons (see article). If you agree, pls use the email link at base of article to add your voice to that call. Pls retweet.

Android : Glasgow Girl The bedwetters will be our version of the Japanese soldiers in the jungle at the end of WW2.
Would not believe war was over. Think 45 years was the longest one stayed in there.

Thatll be the bedwetters when the narrative completely falls apart.

Twitter Web App : Again, this is all thanks to Whitney Webb - Im just trying to spread the word. Too bad we dont have more real investigative journalists.…

Android : Corona: please stop the vitriolic attacks on those scientists who do not share the majority view. Shaming, bullying and censorship is detrimental to scientific progress. See and True progress usually comes from a tiny minority.

iPhone : Some people are confusing the World Economic Forums plans with Marxism: this is not correct, as there are no oligarchs like Bill Gates, Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Klaus Schwab in Karl Marxs workers society. The WEF is instead a form of Globalist Neofeudalism…

Android : We need to repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which gave vax manufacturers a liability-free pass as well as reverse the easing of the restrictions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act done in the 90s which allowed direct to consumer Pharma advertising ASAP!

Twitter Web App : Under Indonesian law, anyone in West Papua who peacefully calls for freedom is labelled a criminal. Basic human rights do not exist. #FreeWestPapua

Twitter Web App : THREAD. Some of you have waited a long time to hear more about an infamous cassette that has been part of my life since the year of my birth. It is called Carols At Christmas and it is by the Greater Manchester Police Choir featuring the cast of Coronation Street.