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SocialFlow : Militaries prize loyalty and discipline, but they reflect the larger society they serve, David Ignatius writes.

"When politics is fragmented, insurgent ideas can sometimes spread in the ranks like cancer." wapo.st/3ipSv3i

SocialFlow : If Washingtonians have learned anything over the past 25 years, it’s that “temporary” security measures imposed during an emergency have a way of becoming permanent, the Editorial Board writes wapo.st/39ZWvn8

SocialFlow : Nobody knows for certain whether a secret pardon would be upheld in court because it has never been tested, writes Jeffrey Crouch wapo.st/3p78tlm

SocialFlow : Republicans must be honest and do the right thing based on conservative values, not the thing that leads to more clicks, comments or shares on social media, Will Hurd writes wapo.st/395BWqd

SocialFlow : After four years of “American carnage,” I am grateful for the return of honor and decency to the Oval Office, writes Jonathan Capehart.

"But with the Bidens, I’m looking forward to the return of joy to the White House." wapo.st/35Z4Sym

SocialFlow : The new America that is less white, less male-dominated, more diverse, more multicultural will have not just a symbolic seat at the table but also real power to shape policy, writes Eugene Robinson wapo.st/39LBAUL

SocialFlow : Trump’s self-serving pardons should renew calls for a reckoning with the presidential power, writes Margaret Colgate Love wapo.st/3bUMLgI