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Twitter Web App : Nakia Stephens πŸ—£ Literally. You don't get to spend your whole career jockeying to be a powerful person upholding the exact same oppressive system that white people before you did, and then invoke racism and demand support from a group you never looked out for. Solidarity is a two way street.

Twitter Web App : It's already bad to have Indian-Americans in power who make claim to representation but only uplift affluent, high-caste Hindus. Neera hasn't even done that! I am begging Indian-Americans to develop a less shallow politics.

Twitter Web App : Has Neera Tanden done a single thing for Asian-Americans? Has she supported working-class immigrants from Asian countries in any way? She hasn't. It's not representation if the person who's supposed to be representative hasn't done anything to help their community. twitter.com/anitakumar01/s…

Android : It's extremely disappointing that the MA House of Reps chose not to bring their constituents into the politicial process as co-equal partners by increasing transparency on how they vote.

Shout out to my state rep, Adam J. Scanlon, for politicial courage in voting yes. twitter.com/act_on_mass/st…

Android : Just want to say that this is absolutely not a subtweet of any place I've worked, it's a general observation based on what my friends have told me and what I've seen

Twitter Web App : Senator Murkowski seemed to be using her questions for Deb Haaland to shore up her own credentials as a champion of Native people. Well, actions speak louder than words β€” if she wants to prove that she cares about Native people, she needs to vote to confirm Deb. #DebForInterior

Twitter Web App : Senator Barasso berates and then raises his voice at Haaland: "I'm talking about the law!" Pressing his index finger into his desk.

This looks and feels quite disrespectful to me.