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Bio #Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: For make half of America very angry, and the other half say, “VERY NICE.”
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Twitter Media Studio : Borat said death to the patriarchy, tell your family members at Thanksgiving.

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Twitter Web App : Did you know The Descent passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors? In fact, there are no male speaking roles in the film—just a buncha bloody, badass women kicking some serious cave-crawler ass.

Twitter Web App : I love #Borat so damn much. My stomach hurt from laughing and I can’t count how many times my jaw dropped to the floor. The magic of that character is still very much alive. Sacha Baron Cohen is fearless and created one of the most vital viewings of the year. I’m buzzing.

Twitter Media Studio : Is #Borat an influencer now? (How is that a sentence we just tweeted?)

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Twitter Web App : The new Borat movie was great!
Maria who played his daughter is also an improv genius, holy geez. #BoratSubsequentMoviefilm

Twitter Web App : Just finished watching #Borat2 and... oh my god. There were some scenes I just had to walk away from. Amazing

Twitter Web App : The new #Borat film is so ridiculous and hilarious. Legit LOL-funny. Lives up to expectations.

Twitter Web App : Okay so 😂 this might be the funniest #Borat fan video we’ve seen so far.…

Twitter Web App : Borat 2 is the most beautiful love letter to a daughter ever put on film. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I looked it up and yes, Sacha Baron Cohen has a teen girl. A dad making a whole movie about how the world is fucked up for his daughter is making me cryyyyyy

Twitter Web App : Just watched #Borat2 and heavens it's hilarious, but its message, for women in particular, is incredibly powerful.