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Bio Oncologist for 50 years. CMO of @Rutherford_Hplc. Founding Dean and Professor of Medicine at @UoB_medic. Ex-director of the WHO Cancer Programme.
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Twitter Web App : Filmed in Rutherford Cancer Centress state-of-the-art LINAC radiotherapy machine in Reading, Professor Pat Price issues a stark warning - We are looking at a huge number of avoidable deaths.

The time for talking is over, we need action or tens of thousands of cancer patients will suffer.

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Twitter Web App : The 7 day rolling average for cases is now below 600, just 352 cases were recorded yesterday.

It continues to fall as social contact increases. I'm certain that T cells are playing a hugely underestimated role.

I've been saying it for months, I'm glad more people are listening!

Twitter Web App : We had a fantastic anniversary evening, thank you for all of your kind messages.

Again the restrictions really didn't cause any problems. Food was great and the company was even better.

I encourage you to get out and support local businesses, they need the help!

Twitter Web App : United Kingdom coronavirus (COVID-19) Monday infection trend.

Todays report of 352 infections is the lowest Monday since mid March and shows a 92% drop over the highest ever recorded Monday of 4,676 infections on the 20th April.

Twitter Web App : 16 reported fatalities today, compared to 25 15 38 55 111 on previous Mondays.

352 new cases recorded which is by far the lowest number we have seen for some time.

There is no question that the presence of the virus is reducing and fast. Let's keep it that way.

Twitter Web App : People attack for me being too supportive of the guidelines, and others say I undermine them.

It is possible to support a firm response, but also believe that now is the right time to carefully move forwards.

This whole 'pick a side' mentality is so divisive. We need a balance!

Twitter Web App : I don't really mind the restrictions in the pub.

It's fair to say I haven't hit the dance floor for some time, but having a pint and some food outside with the dog works quite well for us.

Some people aren't happy, but I think it's a huge improvement on a few weeks ago!

Twitter Web App : A hugely important day in the #Cancer world with the influential Panorama 🌐 Special Programme on tonight.

Lockdown may be lifting the stress & worry for most, but for people affected by Cancer the killer, our concerns grow by the day.

Twitter Web App : It's good to see more and more coverage on the looming cancer crisis.

Health Data Research UK estimate we could see at least 18,000 excess cancer deaths, potentially rising to 35,000.

I've criticised stark predictions in the past, but I think it could easily be worse than that.

Twitter Web App : The Positive Professor ⁦⁦Professor Karol Sikora⁩: ‘Getting families back together is such a fantastic boost. Just a few months ago a summer holiday seemed like a fading dream. We’re all going to have to be extra careful, but this is a welcome step forward.’ #coronavirus

Twitter Web App : I married Alison 46 years ago today.

Three children and six grandchildren later we are still happily married.

The restaurants opened just in time, Im taking her out to my favourite Thai place tonight.

The time has flown by, I wouldnt change a second.

iPhone : The United Kingdom reported a weekly total of 4,593 #coronavirus (COVID-19) infections, thats a decrease of 32.7% over last week and 87.2% since w/e April 19th where 35,788 infections were reported.

Twitter Web App : Good to see a study which shows the risk of transmission from a cricket ball is low.

It was authored by some top scientists from Imperial and other institutions, so it should give players comfort.

It's a relief to see sense prevailing on lots of issues.…

Twitter Web App : 22 reported fatalities today, down from 36 43 36 77 115 on previous Sundays.

516 recorded new cases, again the lowest number since March.

Despite everything, cases continue to fall. As we come out of lockdown, let's all do our bit to make sure that decline continues.