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iPhone : @MargaretLupLD If #BorisJohnson wins (as the #ExitPolls suggest) I can honestly say I’ve voted for the last time in UK Politics...and good luck #England you’re about to get all the shit you’ve been begging for & clearly deserve. #CorbynOut #ScotlandIsNow #indyref2020 #IndyRef2 #NHS #NHS

iPhone : Trump: “Right now in a number of states the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mothers womb in the 9th month. It is wrong. It has to change.

Is this the dumbest thing he has ever said??

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Twitter Web App : -Are the cops always in favor of fascism? #France #Paris #Macron #GiletsJaunes

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Twitter Web App : To our friends in the UK: please cherish, protect, & continue investing in your healthcare system!

Once Big Pharma & special interests get their hands on it, it could take generations to regain.

Millions of people in the US are fighting to have a system half as good as the NHS.…

Twitter Web App : I try not to tweet political opinions, but as it’s my birthday allow me just one. The Tories do want to sell off the NHS. Not in one go, just bit by bit until it’s unrecognisable. You’ll turn up one day and there will be a priority waiting room. They’ve always been open about it.

Twitter for iPad : Today I cast my vote in #GE2019 for #Labour #MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan by proxy/post. I don’t like #Corbyn & want neither he nor #JohnsonTheLiar in Downing Street. I hope after both fail to secure a meaningful majority, they’ll be replaced by appropriate leadership candidates #VoteTactically

Twitter for iPad : This story cannot be allowed to disappear. It speaks to that unique brand of deliberate, vicious cruelty mixed with gross incompetence and revilement of knowledge-based policy at the heart of the Trump administration.…

Twitter for iPad : Russia’s FSB, Konstantin Malofeev linked to $450million bitcoin disappearance from Wex, largest Russian-language crypto exchange which collapsed end of 2018. Wex was successor to BTC-e, shut down by FBI for laundering $4bil & used by DNC hackers Fancy Bear…

Twitter for iPad : James Melville She is a liar. She thinks that lying to you is an acceptable part of politics. You pay her. You’re paying her to lie to you. When was the last time you happily paid for a service or goods that weren’t delivered? Why should your payment to #MP’s be any different?


Twitter for iPad : This man is a liar. He thinks that lying to you is an acceptable part of politics. You pay him. You’re paying him to lie to you. When was the last time you happily paid for a service or goods that weren’t delivered? Why should your payment of #MP’s be any different?

#Liar #Thief…

Twitter for iPad : Andrew Neil: “In 2014 you promised to build 200,000 new starter homes. That was 5 years ago. How many did you build?”
Liz Truss: “I don’t have the exact numbers.”
Andrew Neil: “It’s an easy number to remember. It’s zero. You built none.“…

Twitter for iPad : Robert Mueller, who refused to investigate Trump's business relationship with Russia, has a lot to answer for

Twitter for iPad : The origins of this whole saga lie in Trump's still unexplained relationship with Russia. His inexplicable dislike of Ukraine; his obsession with disproving overwhelming evidence of 2016 meddling; his suspicion of US officials who work on Russia. Where does all this come from?

Twitter for iPad : Seriously, why is #NigelFarage on everyone’s speed dial? Does anyone really think he or his ‘tech start-up’ #BrexitPartyScam are ever going to be in a position to impact climate policy? We’re tired of being scammed & short-changed by those profiteering in Westminster. Enough!!!!!…

Twitter for iPad : The #LibDems have nothing better to concentrate on? It’s so depressing the state of #UK ‘scraping the barrel’ politics & politicians. This’s a turn-off for anyone considering to #VoteTactically
Westminster has offered 3 of the worst choices possible

#ToriesLie #LabourManifesto…

Twitter for iPad : We own Farage and co have sent us a long legal letter demanding we give it to him. Well, he can have the website... for a million quid, all proceeds to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (price goes up £50k a day)