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Twitter Web App : 2019 full showreel

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Twitter Web App : I will be publishing a new character modeling tutorial series over the next weeks. Videos will be released on Fridays. Take a look if you are interested:…

Twitter Web App : I recently posted how Concept Art is often actually key Marketing Art, & how a majority of true Concept Art work is visual problem solving & communication; not making polished pictures.

Here are examples of my own functional concept art, for those who wanna learn! (Thread)

Twitter Web App : Zoro and brook voice actors play a virtual game of their characters 😂♥️
#onepiece (1/3)

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Twitter Web App : BAHIJD バヒ・JD How do you see the current animation for the Internet? What are it's strengths, what would you say a newcomer should do to get the best content in an affordable amount of time and what should they do if they wanted to get into the mainstream industry?

Twitter Web App : what a run, Kunio Kato is a genius animator

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Twitter Web App : Check out Escape Game: Princess kaguya
A game where yours truly participated in the production of the 3D models

Twitter Web App : Introducing Evo Online!

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Twitter Web App :

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Twitter Web App : We received a wonderful letter from one of our younger fans for Paladins recently, alongside informing us how much they enjoyed the game this fan also attached a detailed champion kit design, we enjoyed it so much I doodled up a quick image as a thank you! Enjoy!