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Twitter Media Studio : Im Shawn Spencer and this is my partner, Supersweet Psychsale. Get 20% off this Memorial Day with code MEMORIAL20 through 5/26 at midnight:

Twitter Web App : Peacock We’ll have the pineapple and popcorn ready! 🍍

Twitter Web App : C'mon, son! July 15 can't get here soon enough! 🍍…

Twitter Media Studio : Its May 3rd and you know what that means... its Dulé Hills birthday! Share your favorite Gus moments in honor of this special day! 🍍

Twitter Media Studio : Wed rather shower with a bear than see Chief Vick leave.

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Twitter Media Studio : Its always psychic vision time, baby! Even though our Super-sized Psychtacular Binge-a-thon is over, the #Psych fun never ends!

Twitter Media Studio : Annnd there goes the ring, in typical #Psych fashion!

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Twitter Media Studio : It all lead to this moment 🥺 #ALLin on #Psych

Twitter Media Studio : If this isnt the stuff of nightmares, we dont know what is. #ALLin on #Psych

Twitter Media Studio : The tacos will be sorely missed 😭 #ALLin on #Psych

Twitter Media Studio : Who else was inspired to change their entire wardrobe after watching this episode for the first time? #ALLin on #Psych

Twitter Media Studio : Was this not the most epic quitting scene you've ever seen? #ALLin on #Psych

Twitter Media Studio : You should know by now, Shawn and Gus are experts at hostage situations. #ALLin on #Psych

Twitter Media Studio : Who here would take Shawn and Gus's legal advice? #ALLin on #Psych

iPhone : C'mon son
Thanks to Psych for making the past 4 Thursdays of stay-at-home a little bit brighter. I can't wait for Lassie Come Home!!!!…

iPhone : ✔️Spelling champ
✔️Super sniffer
✔️Voice of reason
✔️Always up for an adventure

Get on Gus' level! We have gathered ways to tap into your inner Gus as you go #ALLin on Psych: