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iPhone : if you dont know why they put red paint there it’s bc ICE have been removing females uterus’ without consent. they don’t have translators so the women have no idea what’s going on. they’re also being r*ped by guards. beyond sick and inhumane.

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iPhone : If you plan on rejecting a client because of their disability or gender/sexuality, you have no business being a social worker. This career field is meant to advocate for the oppressed, not to be the oppressor. This is disgusting. twitter.com/ajplus/status/…

iPhone : College Athletes: Make the most of every opportunity and don’t take it for granted. Time flies!! You don’t want to live with regrets! Man, what I would do for one last headache!!

iPhone : i am nearly in tears at this video. taiwo’s anger is how any decent person would feel about free school meals. food is a human right, not a luxury.

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iPhone : I don’t think y’all realize how scary this is.

We are moments away from not at all being a Democracy anymore. I want y’all to know that twitter.com/cbsla/status/1…

iPhone : tip your tattoo artist. tip your hairstylist. tip your graphic designer. tip your nail tech. tip your lash lady. tip your creative friends and family for their services and products.

iPhone : FIND THIS MAN!!! Hes a king. Bring him back to his family. twitter.com/shegobymako/st…

iPhone : "how are we gonna pay for the Green New Deal"

money is fake. we made it up. it is a piece of paper with pictures of slaveowners on it. you know what's real? the ozone layer

iPhone : if you’re not jewish, say something about this. retweet it at the bare minimum so the word can get around OR say something of your own, but unfollow me if you don’t actually care about jewish people. twitter.com/shomaristone/s…

iPhone : Girls are going missing left and right in Bakersfield. This is so scary. Girls, please be safe!

iPhone : Bro I want everyone to know if this sinks the ENTIRE Caribbean region inna problem. The damage will be permanent and trust me .... We're doomed. twitter.com/westindimade/s…

iPhone : Who’s your caddy?

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