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Twitter Web App : CS HUD idea: leave a marker in the real-time economy ratio slider to indicate where the split was at the beginning of the round. Daniel Kapadia / James Bardolph , thoughts? (I know you don't control the HUDs when you cast, but I don't know where else to toss an idea. :) )

Twitter Web App : Camille Salazar-Hadaway Eren | Caboose For me, most of the guidance in this matter can come down to "don't contradict the canon". Feel free to tell a story other than the one(s) from the canon, but don't do anything that wouldn't/couldn't happen in the canon's universe. I think either option is a noble goal though.

Twitter Web App : JSP James Bardolph I've always thought that when you apologize, it's important to do the apology "to the same audience" that you did the transgression. Maybe he feels the same way? Ugh can't believe I'm saying something to defend that arrogant douche, but...good to have hope for all, I guess?

Twitter Web App : Tales from the CSGO backlog: youtube.com/watch?v=jdnto9โ€ฆ "What y'all readin' for?" First time I've heard a Bill Hicks reference in a CSGO cast. I'd say "2 thumbs up" but unfortunately I'm from one of the places where we're still yelling "Evolution! Evolution!" Cheers HenryG :)

Twitter Web App : Ronaky I think it ultimately depends how they implement it...but a lot of people have had bad experiences, and bad experiences are memorable, unfortunately. youtube.com/watch?v=Mhz9OXโ€ฆ is a good watch for a nuanced take on the F2P situation if you've got eight minutes to spare.

Twitter Web App : Fรกbio Costa Lauren Scott ๐ŸŽƒ Haha no doubt; thought about showing my mom CSGO to try and explain why I love esports, and after taking a step back and seeing all the blood and brain splattered over the walls from head shots, I thought "hmm maybe Rocket League" LOL Would Pansy's "color" really raise that bar?

Twitter Web App : James Bardolph Hey, thanks for the reply! I'm actually looking for more traditional, with muscle memory-compliant "6-block" (PgUp and friends) and arrow keys, media keys, etc; thought that was "100%" but clearly mistaken. This Kira type is the closest I can find, too. Compact has taken over! :)

Twitter Web App : Is there a market/community for fancy 100% keyboards? Obviously there's any number of places to get infinite variations on 60%/mini keyboards, but I can't seem to find anywhere that's innovating with 100%s. Watched one too many of James Bardolph's keyboard sidebars I guess. :)

Twitter Web App : Brody Moore Kyle You could mitigate the tick rate issue with massive parallelization (e.g. hundreds/thousands of computers going at once). I'm not saying that's _practical_, but..think of a distributed client (like Folding@Home). It's a fun thought :)

Twitter Web App : Thank you SMASH | PNDKetchup for defining "gimmicky" play this way (what I used to call "cheap"). I've never quite been able to define what that _feeling_ meant in a way I felt happy about and it's been something that's stuck in my brain for YEARS, off and on. clips.twitch.tv/WimpySingleReiโ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Brody Moore 4K Blu-ray drive in a media center appliance? No-brainer for me...streaming is the way 99% of the time DGMR but when I'm watching my boomer nature documentaries I want ALL the pixels!

Twitter Web App : Daniel Kapadia Full disclosure: The Deponia series is widely regarded as an excellent franchise...I am definitely the outlier in disliking it (and even I liked the art style and presentation, just couldn't take the...arbitrariness of it).

Twitter Web App : Daniel Kapadia As someone who knows very little about the genre: The Longest Journey, and Myst was staggering BITD, but I haven't played it in long enough to know if it holds up. Not sure I have a third; no tolerance for pixel hunting or beyond-absurd item pairings LOOKING AT YOU DEPONIA

Twitter Web App : Brody Moore Finally! Nothing against Overwatch but OWL was hard for me to follow even as a die-hard general esports fan; I always said what we need on TV is something like Rocket League where anybody can instantly understand and follow the gameplay.