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Bio I hate when I am pleasuring my lover orally and her wheelchair rolls backwards into a busy intersection.


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Twitter Web App : Mother of God, the man solved unsolvable crimes for eight straight seasons. When he says he has a hunch, believe him the first time.

Twitter Web App : Sometimes - I'm a badass and I take my pills with the leftover broth from my cup of ramen noodles.

Twitter Web App : Staring into the abyss with you and ready to jump headfirst

Twitter Web App : I’d move mountains so we could stand in the sunshine forever

Twitter Web App : What base is it when you send a nude and he never speaks to you again?

Android : I started painting my kitchen and I said I could paint without taping.
I should have taped around the cabinets. It looks like shit.
If my family says a fucking word about it, I'm going to pretend there is not paint on the cabinets.

Android : 2020 is like: getting E Coli from jumping into a creek, trying to escape a swarm of bees, whose nest you stubbed your toe on, while trying to be sexy.

Android : Holy crap, going to sleep at midnight, like a big boy...

Hope you all have a delicious breakfast, with only half the whisky on your cereal.
It is Monday, after all.

Android : Something might really be wrong with me, I made a bowl of ice cream and couldn’t eat half :/.

Android : I don't mince words. Sometimes, however, I will dice or chop them...or maybe thinly slice them with a razor blade like Paulie slices garlic in that prison scene in "Goodfellas."

Android : When I breeze into that city
People gonna stoop and bow.
All them women gonna make me
Teach 'em what they don't know how.

I have some measurements of the intensity of the stars in the Pleiades that we will use to calculate the age of the universe! Talk about a fun night!