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Android : When #nationalsecuritylaw covers #Hkers & foreigners, #CarrieLam just granted more powers to police to:
1.Enter premises w/o warrant
2.Restrict movt
3.Freeze or forfeit assets
4.Intercept communication
5.Request ISP/platform to remove allegedly national security-threatening info

Android : if you're new to investing this is how it works - companies magically increase in value overnight while you are sleeping and the stock market isn't even open

Android : "Inequities in tax assessment are among many factors weighing on black homeownership rates nationwide. Facing the accumulated disadvantages of centuries of repression and systemic racism, black Americans are likely to earn less than similar white workers…"

Android : All of us are disfigured by the racism that was America’s original fact.

We will never be whole if we don’t deal with the stain of race.

The white people voting for Trump are foreshortening their own lives because they are sold the hooch of supremacy.

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Android : This is the most despairing hour of my prematurely graying lifetime. But it is also the most hopeful. I want to put in thread form a BBC radio essay I did saying why. (It’s what I discussed on Morning Joe today.)

It is a case for hope in the darkness.


Android : In light of the president’s tweet this morning about NASCAR and the Confederate flag...

“It’s the 2016 campaign all over again, when we had the Muslim ban and the wall, just add Confederate statues,” the outside Trump political adviser said. washingtonpost.com/politics/trump…

Android : GOP internal polling signals a Dem rout:

"Democrats and liberal groups are releasing a lot more surveys than Republicans, which suggests the public polling showing Democrats doing well is backed up by what the parties are seeing in their own numbers."

Android : I wrote an op-ed about #Hongkongers' fear & hope. Despite state violence in the form of a draconian #NationalSecurityLaw & everyday #policebrutality, what I saw while in #police custody suggests #Beijing has no idea what price it has to pay to silence #HongKong. #HongKongProtests twitter.com/NAR/status/128…

Android : Professor Xu dared to speak out against CCP. "He came to wider prominence after publishing an essay in 2018 that, without naming Xi Jinping, condemned his government for stifling even the narrow space for debate that the party had previously tolerated."nytimes.com/2020/07/06/wor…

Android : We were out here looking all the way into the future from 29 March, y'all.

Or, actually, just, you know, well: "science." twitter.com/QuorumCall/sta…

Android : BREAKING: Carrie Lam decided to invoke NSL and gives more powers that allow police/authorities to:

•enter premise without warrant
•restrict movement
•freeze/forfeit assets
•intercept communication, and •request ISP or platform to remove information on internet twitter.com/hkcnews_com/st…

Android : Live look at the GOP senators not up for election this cycle after reading the internal polling... pic.twitter.com/l9jNoHMAVV