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iPhone : ChuckGrassley Donald J. Trump You need to say and do a lot more than that Mr. Rino. Get off your ass and fight like hell to back up our President! Demand other Senators back him up. Get off your asses every damn one of you and support our President!

iPhone : ChuckGrassley Donald J. Trump The Dems have lied, cheated and in some form committed treason/sedition. Everything they did was to affect the outcome of elections 2016 & 2018). To give them more chances to influence the elections is an affront to every honest voter.

Make it all public now!

iPhone : I vote to #CancelCollege. it’s a total waste of time and money. Kids emerged brainwashed by professors with leftist agendas that care nothing for the young minds in their care. We need a NEW system of learning. wsj.com/articles/campu…

iPhone : Interesting insight on Democrats ‘embrace of fringe characters for their “progressive” clown shows, from the truly lethal like Jim Jones in the past, to the utterly ridiculous like the buffoons of today (Avenatti, etc.). Written in 2018, it could be today. washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds…

iPhone : Biden was asked questions at his so-called Press Conference yesterday where he read the answers from a teleprompter. That means he was given the questions, just like Crooked Hillary. Never have seen this before!

iPhone : If you want your 401k’s and Stocks, which are getting close to an all time high (NASDAQ is already there), to disintegrate and disappear, vote for the Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats and Corrupt Joe Biden. Massive Tax Hikes - They will make you very poor, FAST!