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Bio Father, Veteran, Police Officer and very tired of the bullshit. parler m472
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iPhone : Good night twitter family. Sleep well get rest this is going to be a long week. Love you guys ❤️💙

iPhone : Just got logged into gab if you are on that platform go follow me rdm472 I am following back right now while I am connected

iPhone : Interesting reading if you have not seen this yet discerningthemystery.com/2018/11/med-be…

iPhone : Dr. Estridge, PhD I am just getting used to this only eating during this 8 hour window once I get this down without being so hangry all the time I may move to something like this

iPhone : Well I lost 9 pounds doc is happy but I have to stay on the damn diet where I can only eat between noon and 8pm. Oh well go back in 3 months to see where we stand.

iPhone : TootToot Ms472 is a vegetarian so yes I get lots of veggies. Dr has me on a “diet” where I can only eat between noon and 8pm. Have drank only water for almost 2 months now. But damn it I will not give up my steaks

iPhone : Well off to my dr so he can once again tell me that I eat to much red meat and dont get enough exercise. Love you guys be safe ❤️💙