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Bio #Writer/MG & YA fantasy with a sprinkle of eerie. Happy wife. Dream: live in a forest where magical creatures lurk and dragons fly overhead.
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Twitter for iPad : We cannot forget our responsibility to the planet. We can wear our masks, look after ourselves and our neighbours AND look after the planet. These things go hand in hand. twitter.com/bbcworld/statu…

Twitter for iPad : Marcy stared at her friend. "I thought you were missing..Chimera..sorry. Bad dream."
"Chimera? Always the demonic #patriot, huh?" She laughed.
The 2 started walking, Marcy hoping her friend wouldn't see the bursts of flame & black shadow few feet away!
#SevenDayStory #N #vss365 twitter.com/RDiana6/status…

Twitter for iPad : For every voice lost
Let us ignite
Millions more
Until normal
Isn’t the drone
Of ignorance
Until #patriotism
Isn’t the bliss
Of false comfort
But the roar
Of the woke masses
Breathing for all
Who can’t
Speaking for all
Whose voices
Have been stamped


Twitter for iPad : LOYAL
After Irish Gran died, Grandpa kept everything in the house exactly as it had always been.

Once we found him very carefully dusting one of Gran’s precious silver jubilee mugs.

He was smiling at the Queen’s face, remembering how Gran was such a #patriot at heart. #vss365

Twitter for iPad : The doctor had said there wasn’t much time left - she could only hope she had arrived in time.

Her mother had faught so much illness in the past, everyone was so sure she’d pull through again.

She approached the open door to the ward, no longer sure of anything anymore. #vsspic