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Bio Were promoting kindness & preventing cruelty to all animals. For all cruelty reports, call 0300 1234 999.
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Sprout Social : 🦎 This Rankins dragon, who is actually a lizard, not a real dragon is hoping to find a home this #WorldLizardDay! Rankins dragons are similar to bearded dragons except that they are smaller and they are social with other Rankins dragons. #FindEachOther

Sprout Social : James Barnham In this case, I would recommend you to report this to your council as a noise complaint. They will be able to investigate and call us out if there is a welfare issue. Please do report if this dog is left out in extreme weather or doesn't have access to water and food and shelter.

Twitter Web App : Nicola Calder Hi Nicola, thanks for your patience, and for wishing to make a donation. I've spoken to the team here and, as ApplePay is done through our payment portal, there's not much we can do at present - please could you try again as it may have been a temporary glitch?

Sprout Social : Remember #Goole RSPCA (England & Wales) s Dempster? Now called Walter, he goes out and has fun in his garden, hence the dirty paws! Hes put on weight and getting lots of love, so great to see him looking purrfectly well in his forever home...

Sprout Social : Absolutely devastating 😞 Live exports are horrific as it is, without situations like this, which cause more suffering. You may think this only happens overseas, but the UK continues with the trade too. Help us #StopLiveExports:

Sprout Social : 🐰🌱 The average rabbit needs a whopping one bundle of hay that’s as big as they are every day! That’s a whole lot of hay! They produce two types of droppings - hard dry pellets, and softer moist pellets which they eat directly from their butts 😲💩 #RabbitAwarenessWeek

Sprout Social : Merry Moon It is very sad! If you happen to come across any evidence which shows a dog that has been done in the UK and not under medical grounds, please do give us a call on 0300 1234 999. Thank you!

Sprout Social : Merry Moon We suspect that this still is happening under the radar (which should be reported) or they are being imported from abroad, There are different regulations for example if there is a medical reason certified by a vet. Here's more information about this:…

Sprout Social : Please clean up #fishing #litter! This poor #swan was collected by ACOs Whiteley & Honess-Heather from #Scarborough mere, after having a hook embedded in his neck. The hook was removed, the wound treated, and he was happily released the same day. RSPCA (England & Wales) 49