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Twitter Media Studio : At least 28 people were reportedly killed and 78 injured as a result of a double suicide bombing that rocked #Baghdad. Witnesses believe the blasts were detonated by suicide bombers wearing explosive vests at a busy marketplace in Tayaran Square.

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Twitter Media Studio : The Russian #SputnikV COVID jab has been approved for final-stage trials in India and, if the process goes smoothly, will be used alongside AstraZeneca’s and the country’s own Covaxin jabs.

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Twitter Web App : ‘More died than in all of WW2!’ Biden wants all Americans masked up & travelers quarantined, predicts 500,000 Covid deaths by Feb on.rt.com/b01n

Twitter Web App : Twitter rejected pleas to remove child porn from platform because it didn’t ‘violate policies,’ lawsuit claims on.rt.com/b01w

Twitter Web App : ‘We are absolutely not starting from scratch!’ Fauci BUSTS ‘source-based’ CNN report on Covid-19 vaccine rollout on.rt.com/b01s

Twitter Media Studio : Despite Biden’s sweeping changes to Trump’s domestic policies, some are wondering if there will be the same dramatic shift in America’s foreign policy. Not necessarily. Trump may be gone, but much of his political spirit lives on in the new administration.

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Twitter Web App : Several of Navalny’s top associates detained in Russia for organizing unauthorized protests on.rt.com/b01r

Twitter Media Studio : Biden has begun implementing his own agenda by signing a flurry of orders that will undo The Donald’s policies. However, while millions will support his moves, there are also millions of others who voted for Trump and obviously approved of what he did in office.

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Twitter Web App : Conservatives cry ‘bigotry!’ as Dems call for Parler to be PROBED BY FBI for role in US Capitol riot, alleged Russian ties on.rt.com/b01m

Twitter Web App : Japan ‘privately’ agrees to cancel Tokyo Olympics due to coronavirus – reports on.rt.com/b01v

TweetDeck : Covid lockdowns leave one third of US small businesses (& almost HALF minority-owned businesses) unable to pay rent

READ: on.rt.com/b00l

TweetDeck : Hundreds of #Moderna vaccines wasted over failure to monitor storage temperatures


Twitter Media Studio : The media’s reporting of Inauguration Day has definitely left a bad taste in some people’s mouths, including that of US legal and media analyst Lionel who described it as ‘vomit-inducing.’

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Twitter Web App : ‘QAnon’ Congresswoman files articles of impeachment against US President Joe Biden as ‘unfit’ and ‘threat to national security’ on.rt.com/b01u