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Twitter Web App : Relieved to see Rabbi Rick Jacobs The URJ standing against IHRA adoption as a legal tool; but saying "IHRA is good but don't make it official" reads to me as weak / insufficient given the aggressive campaign already underway by most establishment orgs to codify it into law.…

Twitter Web App : With little space to acknowledge our collective losses, one of the first large-scale memorials for national mourning was created by my father, a former MTA conductor. His work, which now lines the NYC subway, is a space for us all to to grieve. Visit here:

Twitter Web App : Ok, manufacturing consent 101. Ask yourself:

— How many news stories have I seen abt ppl framed as stupid or lazy for not wearing a mask or going shopping?

— How many news stories have I seen abt the wealthy increasing their $ bc they won’t pay for more workers to stay home?…

iPhone : A Palestinian family in Gaza is living in difficult conditions due to the Israeli occupation & global pandemic. The Abu Lebda family needs help with living expenses, the construction of their home and the installment of windows #WeKeepUsSafe #FreePalestine

iPhone : HAPPENING NOW: More than 100 Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists are in the Palestinian village of Tawamin in the occupied South Hebron Hills where settlers have been harassing Palestinians for days. The army is threatening the activists.

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Twitter Web App : sorry i don't take direction on what is antisemitism from German politicians…

Twitter Web App : I just read Andrew Yang🧢🗽🇺🇸’s piece. He is 100% right that we must stamp out white nationalism. He is 100% accurate that antisemitism is on the rise. He is 100% correct that we must fight against antisemitic rhetoric and actions. He is 100% WRONG about BDS.…

Twitter Web App : Yang has a right to disagree with BDS. But he instead chose to smear the BDS movement and grossly mischaracterize its purpose, roots, and impact. This is unacceptable.…

Twitter Web App : Big swing & a miss from Andrew Yang🧢🗽🇺🇸 who thinks a social justice boycott pressuring the Israeli govt to respect Palestinian rights is the same as Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses.

The rest of the article reads like someone fed old novels about Jews, tenements & pickles to a bot…

Twitter Web App : civil-rights and human-rights groups — OPPOSE the creation, of any new 'domestic terrorism' charge/authority

— ACLU, Amnesty, CCR, Color Of Change, HRC, HRW, NAACP, NEA, NOW, Palestine Legal, Win Without War, etc.…

Twitter Web App : We thank Joe Biden Kamala Harris for saying #NoKXL on #InaugurationDay.

#NowDoLine3! Shut down super-polluting #tarsands crude oil and #HonorTheTreaties,
#StopLine3 today.