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iPhone : Sconesy Cider Tom Childs Professor Karol Sikora I’m being a bit tongue in cheek really - I don’t watch the daily updates as I’m generally working. The latest update I’ve seen from PM’s social media is that they’re “being met”, not exactly the same thing! Overall though, I agree that looking at other countries is encouraging

iPhone : The Telegraph Is the “science” different in Scotland? They can see one household at a time rather than having to choose their favourite family member which seems to make a lot of sense!

iPhone : Why go back and edit a blog to make it look like you’re the People’s Nostradamus?
If you’d predicted a pandemic, why wouldn’t you plan for it? Why wouldn’t you lockdown sooner and spare thousands of lives?
It’s a Möbius strip of madness and bullshit.

iPhone : The range in reaction from Matt Hancock is remarkable. In case of Prof Ferguson, who was prob immune having likely had Covid, Mr Hancock said it was a matter for the police. Mr Cummings though, whose family actually travelled with Covid, apparently acted entirely within the rules

iPhone : Cummings says public anger is based on reports in the media that were not true... but he's just spent half an hour telling us in boring detail how that all WAS true. It's exactly as the press reported. Day trip to the castle and all. Prick.

iPhone : Oh yes Dominic, you're the only one who's had to "weigh up what to do" when you have coronavirus when you have kids in [checks notes] a fucking pandemic

iPhone : sorry. but quite aside from going to Durham in the first place, he's detailing all these little jaunts. the advice was literally: STAY AT HOME. it was rammed into us. nobody was supposed to drive to to their exercise opportunity. that was clear. he broke all of the rules.

iPhone : I was worried about my eyesight as I recovered from a highly contagious disease, so I thought the best thing to do was to get behind the wheel of a 4X4 and drive on public roads, then go and wander around a beauty spot. #Domnishambles