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Hootsuite Inc. : Instead of protecting our headwaters and pristine natural landscapes, Jason Kenneys budget cuts $30 million from wildfire management and $6 million from protecting our water.

The UCP cant be trusted on the environment.

#ableg #abpoli #abbudget #budget2021 #abparks

Hootsuite Inc. : More and more young people are fleeing Alberta.

Why? Because of Jason Kenneys decisions.

Budget 2021 raises tuition on students by $100 million and cuts $140 million from Alberta universities and colleges.

#ableg #abpoli #abed #abbudget #budget2021 University of Alberta U Calgary

Twitter Web App : #Budget2021 is cutting $65M+ from Justice Dept alone.

It has cuts to courts and prosecution services, youth and family supports, sheriffs and policing, remand centres and corrections, organized and serious crimes and human rights.

The UCP is de-funding justice system.

Twitter Web App : The UCP dog whistle and anti-asian racism never ends.

#ableg #abracism #abbudget #yeg #yyc #yql twitter.com/MLAIrfanSabir/…

Twitter Web App : Indeed, heres the breakdown - compensation for healthcare workers in Alberta is being cut by $700M from the actual costs for 2019/20.

Thats their thanks from the UCP as they continue working through a global pandemic & step up to deal w/ significant backlogs of care. #ableg

Twitter Web App : Instead of a plan to create jobs, this UCP government is recommitting to firing an additional 15,000 Albertans between now and 2023.

#ableg #abbudget #abpoli #canlab

Twitter Web App : But hey, those thousands of frontline healthcare workers facing layoffs & wage cuts can take comfort in knowing their sacrifice will help fund more political staff for Jason Kenney’s office.

Because that’s what Albertans need... #ableg

Twitter Web App : ❗🏥❗

The Edmonton-South Hospital has been cut by $12M in the latest UCP Budget.


Jason Kenney is putting the healthcare of Albertans and Edmontonians at risk. Our communities deserve better.

#ableg #abhealth #yeg

iPhone : Instead of a plan to create jobs, Jason Kenney is recommitting to firing an additional 15,000 Albertans between now and 2023.

If you missed this little tid-bit, I refer you to page 19 of the strategic plan. #ableg #abpoli #Budget2021 #abbudget #BetterOffWithRachel

iPhone : Wondering whether the UCP finally got the message about investing in affordable quality child care for economic recovery?

No. (big surprise)

Budget 2021 has no new investments or supports to get parents back to work & support early learning for kids. #ableg

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Hootsuite Inc. : Jason Kenney is raising taxes, and he knows it.

Thanks to his sneaky bracket creep scheme in Budget 2021, Albertans will be paying $100 million more in income tax this year.

Broken promise.

#ableg#abpoli#abbudget #budget2021 #abtax #PromiseMadePromiseBroken

Twitter Web App : ❗❗❗

Post-Secondary Education will be seeing a 14% cut in this new budget. The UCP Government and Jason Kenney are attacking our job training when Albertans need it most.

#ableg #abpse #yeg #yyc #yql

Twitter Web App : So far the #UCP have doubled down on cuts to Alberta health, bragged about "red tape reduction" while glazing over their approval of open-pit coal mining in the Rockies, and I've heard no real plans to create jobs... anywhere. #ableg #abbudget

Twitter Web App : The UCP budget address is 17 pages long, yet there’s not a single mention of:
- Indigenous peoples
- women
- poverty
- climate change
- mental health
- affordable housing
And a whole lot more.

Budgets outline government priorities. It’s clear people aren’t a priority to the UCP.

Twitter Web App : The budget is out, and it includes a nearly $1 billion cut to public service compensation. It is difficult to take the UCP government seriously on their claim that the budget supports lives and livelihoods when thousands more Albertans will lose their jobs this year. #ableg