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Twitter Web App : nothing will make you happier today than this clip of a pokemon card collector pulling a $55,000 charizard

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Twitter Web App : Vコンテ、レイアウト、原画、動画仕上げ

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Twitter Web App : Choobie RYUKKO How come that your avatar isn't nearly jittering as much as others? ^^ do you use more than 3 Trackers or is it something else? :o

Very cute btw :3

Twitter Web App : aight, thats actually funny twitter.com/peta/status/12…

Twitter Web App : I’ve been practicing my pop-offs recently and I think I discovered a new tech. If you’re easily the best at your school and your school is considered cool as fuck, you can actually buffer a fully-charged pop-off that is so powerful it will kill everybody you love.

Twitter Web App : PCatGames We got a lot of zelda fan here, huh? ^^ Wanted to say midna from twilight princess but you could go for Ashley from Wario ware instead xD

Twitter Web App : Hbox gave me a ride to a local yesterday. I was nervous as hell, but he told me to relax and put his hand on my thigh. He said he's into "dungeon rap" and asked me if I was impressed by that. I said “my leg is hurting.” He said "I'm a doctor. Your leg is fine."