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Bio Freedom fighter. Incarcerated human being reporting from inside of a prison with a contraband cellphone. Trapped in a petri dish.
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Twitter Web App : It is clear for one of our two political parties, the purpose of politics is to write bills, pass laws.

For the other party, its purely performative. Its about theater. And acting out the worst insecurities and fears ...

Joy-Ann Pro-Democracy & Masks Reid 😷 on #TheReidOut.

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iPhone : The less I see Black people in Oakland, the more I see Black-based art popping all over the city in the place of the actual people.

iPhone : In New York, people are locked in solitary confinement for weeks, months, years—even decades. Theyre disproportionately Black and Brown people, and people with mental illness. New York must #HALTsolitary and end this racist torture. TAKE ACTION: bit.ly/HALT-phone-act…

iPhone : Please read Hannah Rileys work on the triple vacated convictions in Queens. George Bell, Gary Johnson, and Rohan Bolt lost their youth, spending 24 years in prison for a crime they didnt commit. Please consider donating to their GoFundMe as they have not seen justice yet. twitter.com/hannahcrileyy/…

Twitter Web App : Join JAC next Wednesday, 3/10, at 7PM EST for a panel discussion and Q&A exploring the ins and outs of operating arts programs inside carceral settings. Register here: eventbrite.com/e/facilitating…

iPhone : If you emerge from this year unscathed from loss (personal and/or professional), undamaged by grief, and simply unaltered by the enormity of our societal change... I wonder who you are

Twitter Web App : Executive Director of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition shares his incarceration & transformational journey in an emotional way on this episode of The Prison Post. His Daughter’s and Mom’s words in a visit changed his life forever. Please listen & subscribe. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the…

Twitter Web App : Ive interviewed parents who have to let their babies sit in dirty diapers to make the pack last longer. Who try to hide the fact theyre skipping meals so their kids dont feel guilty eating. Who sell plasma. Who had to leave their kids in the car while they worked.

Twitter Web App : vote blue and youll have it all! $2,000 checks! $15 an hour! $50,000 in student debt gone!


hmm, Im being told a guy named Phil Buster or something made a rule 100 years ago to keep racism and long story short we cant do that stuff. Vote blue in 2022!💙

The White House : Tammy — and countless other Americans across the country — are struggling to get by, through no fault of their own. I gave her a call to discuss how the American Rescue Plan will deliver direct relief and help her family get through this crisis.

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iPhone : Overcome Music Video youtu.be/3_3JDfzCt3U via YouTube

New music video. This is one the that I’m really proud of. Filmed and edited in 1 day, just me and a good friend of mines. Go check it out and tell me what y’all think

TweetDeck : Two-thirds of Americans want a $15 minimum wage: Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans.

We must listen to them and deliver 32 million workers the long overdue raise they deserve.

iPhone : In-prison programs in CA that help heal trauma & address issues that lead to harm have been on hold for a year. Were looking to fix that & make sure it never happens again. Join us tonight as we talk about #AB292 and how we can ensure folks inside have access to programs. twitter.com/restore_CAL/st…

Twitter Web App : Help hold police #accountable & get #JusticeForJustonRoot. He was having a mental health crisis instead of medical aid, he was killed by police. They shot him 30+ times while he was on the ground, defenseless - Sign the Petition! chng.it/RHjh4ZfB via Change.org

Twitter Web App : .Free Hearts has announced their 2021 TN State Policy Agenda! Check it out below.

TN community – find your representatives to ask them to support and oppose these efforts here: bit.ly/mytnlegislator