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Bio U.S. Senator for Kentucky | I fight for the Constitution, individual liberty and the freedoms that make this country great.
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iPhone : It allows the president to take immediate action in necessary situations but also requires expeditious and continual congressional review of declared national emergencies to ensure that the separation of powers is preserved.

iPhone : ICYMI Ron Wyden and I reintroduced the REPUBLIC ACT which preserves the president’s power to act immediately in cases of national emergencies but also uphold Congress’ constitutional responsibility to check the executive branch.

iPhone : I'm joining Senator Senator Rand Paul's bill.

There's no reason someone should be forced to join a union if they want a job.

Such mandates are designed to benefit politically-motivated union bosses who want to spend union dues on their own interests rather than workers' priorities.…

iPhone : .Senator Rand Paul says teachers shouldnt have received precedent for vaccines over the elderly. He adds that Governor Andy Beshear should have never closed schools and has acted too slow in getting them back open. #ky #Kentucky

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iPhone : The current law provides the presidency with unilateral power to determine when and how it will exercise emergency powers. The REPUBLIC Act strengthens the separation of powers by instituting critical reforms... read more here:…

iPhone : .Senator Rand Paul: More than 8 in 10 Americans say workers should be free to join a union if they want to, but no one should be forced to join a union.

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iPhone : Biden nominee refuses to answer my question about whether the government should override a parent’s consent to allow a minor to receive puberty blockers or surgical amputation of breasts or genitalia.

iPhone : We Are So Grateful For Sen. Senator Rand Pauls Ongoing Support For TPUSA & Our Shared Mission To Save American Values! 🇺🇸 #iHeartAmerica #BigGovSucks

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Twitter Media Studio : The National Right to Work Act ensures all workers have the ability to choose to refrain from joining or paying dues to a union as a condition for employment. Read more:…

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Twitter Web App : Senator Rand Paul discussing stimulus, Bidens overall Covid response, Romneys comments on the future of the GOP, & Trump wanting to join social media again. Senator Rand Paul

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