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Twitter Web App : Powerful words from Raptors president Masai Ujiri on #TheJump, saying the NBAs teams and leaders have to speak. And specifically white leaders. They have to speak...Lets come and talk, lets not hide anymore.

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Twitter Media Studio : We cant give up as people, we cant back down. We cant.

- Masai Ujiri

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iPhone : “Your voice matters, especially when you are a leader or influential figure, and especially if you are white. Leaders have to be bold enough to state the obvious and call out racism.”…

Twitter Media Studio : “Speak up.
Use your voice.
Use your platform.”

- norman powell

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iPhone : “I don’t have all the answers.

But the first step is admitting that there is a real problem.”

- Fred VanVleet

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TweetDeck : "We all came into this world the same way – as humans. No one is born to be racist and none of us sees colour at first. I believe there are far more good people than bad people, but sometimes the good must do more than simply be good. They must overwhelm the bad."
Masai Ujiri

Twitter Web App : The conversation can no longer be avoided because it is hard.

We have to have it.


A letter from Masai »

iPhone : As a black man, it’s a daily struggle to NOT become another negative statistic: arrest, incarceration, fatherhood, economic status, etc. We constantly judged not only based on what we have done, but what they believe we might do and orchestrated stats show it’s negative (2/5)

Twitter Web App : You know what time it is, kids.

Sharpen those pencil crayons and get to work.

#WeTheNorth | #NBATogether

iPhone : Defending NBA Champion and Toronto Raptors Assistant Coach Patrick Mutombo shares his journey, love of painting and how the connections he develops with his players not only allow him to impact their lives, but also helps him become a better leader. #CoachesStories

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Twitter Media Studio : .Serge Ibaka: Content King

Mans a must-follow on TikTok.

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Twitter Media Studio : Joined this week by the man himself as Coach Nate breaks down his journey with Coach Nurse to the NBA.

Inside Open Gym presented by Bell »

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iPhone : “The trust they had in me is something I’ll always be grateful for.”

pascal siakam shares what it was like to be drafted and sign his first contract with the Toronto Raptors on #NBATogether

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