Non Sum Qualis Eram (I Am Not As I Once Was) (@RealDavidRush )

Non Sum Qualis Eram (I Am Not As I Once Was)

Bio Trump is a national virus infecting our democracy & basic human decency. 🇺🇸 is under attack from within. #Resist #VoteBlue #SensibleGunControl #Science #Biden
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iPhone : Trump endures because he’s willing & able to say anything, no matter how false, absurd, or hypocritical it may be, and because there’ll always be a ton of credulous morons eager to believe him, and droves of boot-lickers sycophantically agreeing with, and making excuses for, him.

iPhone : It gives me a migraine headache trying to fathom how Trump, a pathological liar, a malignant narcissist, a Russian puppet, an anti-democratic wannabe dictator, a blatant racist and misogynist, and now, impeached mass murderer, is, in some people’s minds, better than HRC or Biden.

iPhone : Trump IS the president - NOW - during a pandemic in which his gross incompetence has severely exacerbated, yet his legion of vacuous talking heads continue to bring up irrelevant & absurd bullshit about Obama - WHO HASN’T BEEN POTUS FOR 3 1/2 YEARS! Trump’s at fault! NO ONE ELSE!

iPhone : It’s not a matter of whether or not Trump could have prevented a considerable amount of the almost 100K deaths so far if he acted in a way even remotely resembling an American president that makes me hate him so goddamn much - it’s that he couldn’t give a flying fuck, regardless.

iPhone : We had eight really good, scandal-LESS years under the Obama/Biden presidency. Since Trump got installed, it’s been the absolute most unimaginably horrific 3 1/2 years anyone of us have ever known. These worthless scumbags will smear, degrade and demean Biden, but WE know better.

iPhone : Presidents play golf. They always have. It’s what they do. However, Trump spending nearly his entire term on the links when he said he wouldn’t have any time for that during his campaign is another story; especially in the midst of a pandemic that’s claimed nearly 100K Americans.

iPhone : Who’s in the mood for a Saturday evening #Resistance meet and greet?

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Let’s see your favorite word for the Orange Cockroach currently infesting the White House... but be nice! JUST KIDDING! Rip away!!!


iPhone : I don’t give a rat’s fat ass what Biden says. Just b/c we fully expect Trump to be a contemptible douchebag of epic proportions doesn’t mean he should be able to get away w/ murder while decent men of honor & integrity, like Joe, get lambasted for the slightest offense. BULLSHIT!

iPhone : Trump IS real. He is all the things we say he is - a racist, a rapist, a misogynist, a liar, a conman, a coward, a traitor and a thief. His cult then take these truths and apply them, baselessly, to those they wish to attack, like a distorted reflection of their grotesque leader.

iPhone : The difference b/w Trump supporters & smart people is that the former listens to Trump, and other ridiculously stupid people, and goes around catching, and infecting others with, COVID-19, while the latter listens to actual doctors and scientists, and stays to the GODDAMN HOUSE‼️

iPhone : Here’s proof you don’t have to be frothing at the mouth, confined to a straight jacket, or screaming at the voices in your head to be out of your ever-lovin’ mind. As a matter of fact, I find THIS kind of crazy much more dangerous than the former since it’s not so easily spotted.…

iPhone : I remember thinking Trump was going to get absolutely trounced in 2016; that he was only going to win a handful of States - and we all know how that turned out. Am I a moron to think, now that everyone has seen what he’s capable of, that he might actually get annihilated in 2020?