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Twitter Web App : . bet365 It does seem pointless to me. You log on for a minute and then have the app running in the background. When you then go back into the app 3 hours later, it tells you you have been logged in for 3 hours, presuming you've been gambling for 3 hours straight!

iPhone : Stradivarius Ascot Gold Cup - Robotic Commentary.

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iPhone : Erik Patrick Leonard GK must be the GTO surely?! Think how many kids wanted to play in goal in the schoolyard. I’d guess there is a very small proportion of kids aspire to be a keeper compared to other positions. Vastly different skillset. Plus you get 3 in the international squad.

Twitter Web App : pew_pew_pew Looks like Baseball was in trouble way before that. I always assumed Ice Hockey was one of the big 4 sports in the States, would be interesting to see that on the graph. Must have been higher than 1% share at some point in time.

Twitter Web App : Alun Matt Zarb-Cousin This hits the nail on the head. There are always ways to spend money that seem absurd or wasteful to the majority, e.g. cars that cost £100,000. But we shouldn't prevent spending in that way as a blanket ban. Limits should always be as a proportion to income, much like taxes.

iPhone : Alun Patrick Leonard The fact that the journalist feels the need to add that level of detail means that ‘football fan’ adds detail to the article; insinuating that this played into the fact the crime was committed. It’s association of criminal act by group - he could have omitted these two words.