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Bio This is the ONLY verified Twitter account for James Woods. ALL others are fake. I am on NO other social media (except a private Instagram). They’re ALL fake.
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iPhone : #EnnioMorricone was a film composer for the ages. Sergio Leone had him orchestrate the final scene of Once Upon a Time in America before filming. As shooting commenced, suddenly the music soared live on the sound stage. Greatest movie experience of my life. #RIPEnnioMorricone

iPhone : Interesting insight on Democrats ‘embrace of fringe characters for their “progressive” clown shows, from the truly lethal like Jim Jones in the past, to the utterly ridiculous like the buffoons of today (Avenatti, etc.). Written in 2018, it could be today. washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds…

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iPhone : You don’t care about this person or these issues or anything but your own ruthless ambition. Get back on your knees where you started your career and shut up. #Hypocrite #HeelsUpHarris twitter.com/kamalaharris/s…

iPhone : This is nonetheless the loss of a precious life. Sadly she was victimized twice: by the collision, of course, but also by the paid #Democrat agitators enticing idiot protesters onto highways at night. And all of it just to bring down this President. twitter.com/abc/status/127…

iPhone : “Get on your knees and ask the big, bad thugs not to beat you.” Fixed it for you, Bill. /// Meanwhile, for those of us with a set, #BuyMoreAmmo twitter.com/billkristol/st…

iPhone : Armed thugs demanding money for “reparations” is armed robbery, is it not? Unlawful restraint at gunpoint is also a felony. Where are you on this, #JoeBiden? In the basement, of course... #DefundThePolice #VoteDemocratForMoreOfThis

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iPhone : Funded #mob (the thugs in hoodies and face coverings) pulling down #ChristopherColumbus statue. #Democrats signaling the “new” America they envision. There are some neighborhoods in RI where this would be ill-advised.

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iPhone : Or Twitter algorithms just manage to suppress free conservative speech by accident. Certainly to accuse them of being programmed to do so would be a silly conspiracy theory... twitter.com/realjameswoods…

iPhone : Ah, if only Obama were still President. We wouldn’t even know the Chinese virus existed. Sunday morning news shows would mention a curious uptick in flu deaths, never talk about it again, and life would go on!