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Bio This is the ONLY verified Twitter account for James Woods. ALL others are fake. I am on NO other social media (except a private Instagram). They’re ALL fake.
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iPhone : ⁦Joe Biden⁩ ⁦Kamala Harris⁩ you’ve been nominated as the Dem Leaders..please ask the leaders in these Democratic cities to stop the violence? If not, how can we trust you guys if nominated..unless this violence is what you want for these communities right now?

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iPhone : Not to mention, I’ve heard from many teachers on BOTH sides of the political aisle who love to teach but vehemently disagree with the political agenda pushing that is infiltrating our schools!

iPhone : If youve ever danced to Get Down On It, Jungle Boogie, Celebration, Ladies Night, Summer Madness, Fresh... raise a glass to the funky soul legend Ronald Bell, founding member of Kool and The Gang. Thanks for the fabulous floor-fillers. #RIP #RonaldBell

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Twitter Web App : Zelda Williams i just rewatched Legend of Korra and you were great as Kuvira, awesome character and story arc

Id love another Avatar series

iPhone : My childhood friend has grown up to be an incredible man. So proud of the work that he’s doing. Fighting #sextrafficking. Protecting our kids. Protecting my hometown. twitter.com/Cunning_Jordan…

iPhone : Trump MAGA Rally in North Carolina Packed to Capacity; Overflow Crowd in the Thousands welovetrump.com/2020/09/08/tru…

iPhone : Dr. Fauci just came out and defended Trump. The Woodward stuff is nonsense.

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Twitter Web App : We thank the many #LAPD Officers watching over our families as we assist distant communities in need; and applaud their commitment to working in the heat of battle when #wildfires threaten #LosAngeles.

In protecting City of Los Angeles we are proudly #OneTeamOneFight! twitter.com/LAPDHQ/status/…

iPhone : Property tax should end at age 65 to avoid pushing elderly folks out of their homes…

I see elderly folks having to work at age 65 and over to make ends meet.


Raise your hand if you agree. 🙋‍♀️

Android : Im as mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore!

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Twitter Web App : James Woods 👋 hello I saw tht you posted a pic* of tht Flag, tht was saved frm burning *just so you knw,tht flag was given back to Kenosha WI* you are awesome 😎