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iPhone : Weird that this article from NBC News neglects to name the party responsible for passage of this measure. GOP dominates the Mississippi House 74-45 and the Senate 36-16, and the governor is a Republican. Yet the GOP never appears in this article. Odd.…

iPhone : Break up your toxic Twitter feed with this video of a little boy helping an elderly woman.


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iPhone : Wearing masks in public spaces, when social distancing is impossible, makes sense for the time being.

Laws forcing people to wear masks at all times - even when social distancing is possible - are arbitrary, unscientific, potentially unconstitutional & a form of social control.

iPhone : .Nancy Pelosi says she will only support a criminal justice reform bill that is worthy of George Kirbys name.

Shes talking about George Floyd.

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Twitter Web App : Leftist logic: Black lives matter, so long as you are not a black police officer.…

iPhone : Removing statues and portraits (that politicians like Pelosi walk by every day for years...) is all a sideshow.

Where are the votes to actually HELP people, like #SchoolChoice?

Kellyanne Conway Donald J. Trump

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iPhone : That man is not kneeling on two knees with his head bowed. He is in the act of getting up.

Its important to know our history.

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iPhone : The next logical step in the SpyGate drops would be revealing who the criminal was that leaked the Flynn/Kislyak phone calls to the Washington Post in order to hang a target on Flynn’s back for supposedly “violating the Logan Act”.…

iPhone : At this point, what does Bolton have confidence in?

It seems as though he believes his ideas are the only ones that work, which has been proven untrue.…

Twitter Web App : Sen. Tim Scott on Dems voting against police reform: “The actual problem is not WHAT is being offered, it is WHO is offering it.”

The next time Democrats decry injustice or insist that “Black Lives Matter”, remember that they voted AGAINST police reform.

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iPhone : I can't stop thinking about how only a matter of weeks ago, pastors were being arrested for holding church services and we're just going to pretend like it never happened.

iPhone : Crowd at Turning Point USA ERUPTS when Donald J. Trump mentions fighting for #SchoolChoice.

He says Who can be opposed to that??

Answer: Those who have been in control of our $800 billion K-12 education system for generations.

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