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iPhone : Guarantee you it’s already happening

People are going to flock to Parler only to later learn they were still cancelled on Twitter twitter.com/amber_athey/st…

Twitter Web App : From what I can tell, you

- lied about being forced into homelessness for supporting Trump

- Trump supporters generously supported your GoFundMe

- You raised $2,175 on false pretenses, which is a felony

Congrats, I guess? twitter.com/e_hernandez15/…

Twitter Web App : “Y’all don’t know your history”
The older black man gets shouted down for speaking out against tearing down the statue.

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Twitter Web App : Muhammad Ali’s Son: My Dad Wouldn’t Have Supported ‘Racist’ Black Lives Matter, Would’ve Supported Trump dailywire.com/news/muhammad-…

Twitter Web App : The Marxists were some of the toughest critics of the 1619 Project, but I had missed this scathing critique wsws.org/en/articles/20…

Twitter Web App : I have made it my mission to protect that statue. We need light and not hate.

Marcia Cole of FREED stands among protestors defending the Emancipation Memorial despite heckling from the crowd.

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Twitter Web App : Biden was involved in a massive scandal to take down an incoming president and the media gave nearly 0 coverage to this bombshell twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/s…

Twitter Web App : Descendant of man in Emancipation Statue DESTROYS Libs trying to tear it down: STOP DESTROYING OUR HISTORY

Worth a listen.

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Twitter Web App : GO OFF, KING

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Twitter Web App : LOL LOOK AT THIS!

If you founded the greatest republic in history, but also had some serious personal flaws, you must be cancelled & erased from history.

If you literally try to murder someone, but you’re also super woke & stuff, you get un-cancelled & remembered fondly? 🥴 twitter.com/nytimesbooks/s…

Twitter Web App : Notice how he does not mention that HPSCI is controlled by the Democrats. twitter.com/SpyTalker/stat…

Twitter Web App : Has Lin-Manuel Miranda been canceled yet? Alexander Hamilton married into a wealthy slaveholding family to cash in. He helped George Washington return escaped slaves to their masters, participated in slave-purchase transactions, backed the 3/5 clause. I love the musical but fair is fair

Twitter Web App : The Black Supremacist movement of today directly mirrors the White Supremacist movement of yesteryear in every way. It’s led by charlatans with a political agenda, it’s followed by morons who don’t know better, and it’s given tacit approval by politicians who lack a spine.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passes bill that will be instantly shot down in the Senate and, even if passed in the Senate, would be vetoed by the President

Democrats are using taxpayer money to play games for show and are not focused on real work twitter.com/Public_Citizen…