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iPhone : I feel like there’s a whole book to be written about Fox News calling Arizona for Biden on election night.…

iPhone : I’ve been a broken record on this, but it bears repeating: if Democratic leadership’s primary objective was helping people, they would immediately work to pass a much larger stimulus check as a standalone bill and hammer it endlessly in public until Republicans caved.…

Twitter Web App : Bill Scher Let's see:

Lot of differences btwn Puerto Rican/ Dominican communities in NYC than Cuban communities in FL

Dems had no discernible economic message, which may have hurt them in areas hit hardest by pandemic

Dems did little messaging to POC

Maybe not everything is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's fault

iPhone : Kids need joy. Outdoor play + 😷 is safe.

Why the hell are government officials keeping them closed?

They’re turning a whole generation into vegetables.

Just a shameful response in LA.…

iPhone : 3,157 died yesterday of COVID

The most deadly day in America after that?

9/11 when 2,977 lost their lives.…

iPhone : Mac’s sits in the middle of a yellow zone and its owner refused to shut down indoor dining even as cases are spiking.

The Congresswoman-elect is taking the side of the Proud Boys on this one.…

iPhone : Think about the next three months and what we as a country are facing.

And then look at this reaction.

This is what these assholes are calling patriotism?…

iPhone : “Nineteen-year-old Bernie Sanders was living 11 blocks south of the couple, on East 26th Street. Nine-year-old Chuck Schumer was five blocks further away, on East 27th.”…

Twitter Web App : "The best thing one can say about Gina Raimondo is she is not Rahm Emanuel. But just like Emanuel, a Cabinet appointment for Raimondo would end any era of good feelings within the Democratic Party." -- Jeff Hauser of The Revolving Door Project…

iPhone : When police shot Laquan McDonald 16 times, Rahm Emanuel buried the story. That's why Jamaal Bowman wants Joe Biden to know: "We can’t restore the soul of the nation with Rahm Emanuel in public office...Rahm doesn’t belong in any of D.C.’s halls of power"…

iPhone : Damn, Mr. President.

Didn’t you say “Trayvon could’ve been my son?”

In 2014, #BlackLivesMatter was too much.

In 2016, Kaepernick was too much.

Today, discussing police budgets is too much.

The problem is America's comfort with Black death -- not discomfort with slogans.…