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MaC 🎙💊#TheBestIsYetToCome

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iPhone : Antifa is is virtually a part of the Biden/Harris Campaign.


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Android : Antifa is is virtually a part of the Biden/Harris Campaign.


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Android : They impeached me over a phone call that was absolutely perfect. You couldn’t have made a better phone call.

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iPhone : He is always right and that is why we love him . Dems tried to set him up but he is always the winner.

#DemsAreCorrupt #BestPresidentEver45 #Winning

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iPhone : Laura Loomer confronts the leading Hollywood female “meathead,” Alyssa Milano Over her HYPOCRISY

How can u support women but support pro FGM j1had1st, Linda Sars0ur, or ped0 B1den?

Double standard 4 the devils of the Marxocrat Party

$ to🇺🇸🥊Loomer at

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iPhone : Rush Limbaugh praises Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, 4 confronting MadMax about her comments to get in the face of .Donald J. Trump supporters wherever they r

We need 🥊in DC not afraid to stand up 4 us

GOP is letting Marxocrats steal 🇺🇸from us


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iPhone : You know who is running Joes campaign at this point. BHO backed K. Harris when this all started and he didn't want anything to do with Biden back then. He just slithered his way into the Biden camp like a cobra-I bet no one even questioned it. Blind sheep.🐏🐏🐏

iPhone : 🚨🚨🚨🚨Mean Girl -Denies Rights to SCOTUS Kavenough 🚨🚨🚨Never Forget: Senate Voted Unanimously to Rebuke Anti-Christian Remarks by Kamala Harris and Support Religious Freedom in US… via Jim Hoft

iPhone : I will always think about Bret Kavanaugh and how absolutely evil Kamala Harris was to him during the Senates attempt to destroy his credibility & his life.
She has not one ounce of human compassion and I think that’s why she lost her presidential bid. This was a bad choice...

iPhone : Laura Loomer attends a Mus1im convention, 4 the general public, just to be told “You’re not welcome.”

She persists

Mus1im man says he’s going to call the police.(They’re already there.)

Loomer, “What ru going to do, call the Shar1a Police?”😂

$ to 🇺🇸

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iPhone : 🚨🚨I don’t blame them 🚨🚨Shes a PanderingCHAMELEON ❌❌Shes a Phoney Hypocrite ❌❌MSNBC: Young Democratic Voters Are Disappointed in Harris as VP Pick… via Jim Hoft

iPhone : 💥The Powerhouse Ticket is Set, Kamala Represents the Female Voice, Will She Have to Lower Her Expectations?


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iPhone : “She’s against fracking . . . . She’s in favor of socialized medicine . . . . She did very, very poorly in the primaries . . . . She was extraordinarily nasty to . . . Judge Kavanaugh.” #Trump2020Landslide

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iPhone : Good Morning Patriots!
Praying your Wednesday is safe & blessed.
God Bless You Abundantly
🇺🇸GodBlessOurMedical Prof

iPhone : Having to listen to #HeelsUpHarris for the next 3 months is Gods way of punishing me for something 🤷‍♂️

The man upstairs is going to extreme lengths to get my attention. All I can say is I PROMISE TO DO BETTER🤞